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Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky
Squash Grip Tacky

Squash Grip Tacky

Incredible grip!

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Squash Grip Tacky designed for confirmed squash players wanting a non-slip grip and comfortable hold.

This comfortable and tacky grip provides excellent feel for more fun on the court.

Pimples help keep your racket from slipping in your hand

Ergonomic grip

The cushioned grip offers optimal hold

Abrasion resistant

The grip absorbs perspiration to help prevent wearing.


The absorbent material quickly wicks away perspiration

Ergonomic grip

The grip's special non-slip treatment is protected by a film that you remove before fitting it on your racket.

The pimples on the surface of the grip improve hold to prevent your racket from slipping in your hands.

The absorbent material limits perspiration staying on the hands while playing for optimal racket grip.

Product Testing

Our product has been tested in our Tech Centers with our technical partners. The Artengo Tacky Grip has been designed to meet the needs of all squash players. During the product approval stage, the Artengo Tacky Grip was compared to the best grips currently available on the market, both in the lab and on the court.




1 grip


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyurethane

Storage Instructions

Avoid subjecting your racket to major temperature fluctuations. \nAvoid storing in low temperatures (below 41°F).


2 Years



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