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Stand Up Paddle Paddle Carbon Adjustable
Stand Up Paddle Paddle Carbon Adjustable

Stand Up Paddle Paddle Carbon Adjustable

Lightweight and high performance.

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Stand Up Paddle Paddle Carbon Adjustable designed for regular stand up paddlers for touring, racing and in waves.

Stand up paddle paddle with carbon shaft, adjustable from 67 - 83"

Easily adjustable paddle size from 67 to 83"

Easy to use

Profiled blade for ease and stability: 565 cm² (87.6 sq. inches).


Carbon shaft, lightweight construction: 1.7 lbs.

User comfort

Versatile ergonomic handle.

Easy to learn

Hand positioning markers.


Once assembled, the paddle floats for at least 5 minutes.


To adjust the paddle, open the latch, pull the handle to the desired length, then close the latch. The flat alignment area ensures that the handle is properly aligned with the blade.
If it is not fastened tightly enough, open the latch and tighten the metal screw.

The paddle should be adjusted to around 6"-8" less than your height:
E.g.: for a person 6'2" tall, adjust the paddle to 83"
E.g.: for a person 4'11" tall, adjust the paddle to 67"


For better grip on the tube, apply a little wax to the handle.

Technical dimensions

Max. usage size: 6.9'
Min. usage size: 67"
Weight: 760 g
Tube diameter: 1.2"
Paddle surface: 565 cm² (87.6 sq. inches)
Paddle width: 18.5 cm (7 1/4")


Shaft : 60.0% Carbon, Shaft : 40.0% Epoxy\r\nBlade : 80.0% Polypropylene, Blade : 20.0% Carbon fibre


Do not use in stormy conditions.

Storage Instructions

Rinse with fresh water to remove the salt and sand then leave to dry before storing in a dry place away from light.


2 Years



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