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Table Tennis Bat FR990
Table Tennis Bat FR990
Table Tennis Bat FR990
Table Tennis Bat FR990
Table Tennis Bat FR990

Table Tennis Bat FR990

Speed and control.

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Table Tennis Bat FR990 designed for intensive table tennis players looking for a fast and dynamic bat.

A hardwood blade with 2 carbon plies and 2 mm Artengo high-performance rubbers for a very dynamic and fast bat.

The 2 mm rubbers and the carbon plies speed the ball up.


The natural rubber that has been used provides tackiness.


This racket brings with it a good compromise between speed and control.


A rubber can be from 1.5 mm to 2.2 mm thick. The thicker it is, the more speed and spin it will give the ball. But if the rubber is relatively thin, you will have better control over your shots.


With a soft blade, you will have better ball control. On the other hand, if the blade is hard, your shots will be more dynamic and faster.

Product Testing

We carry out two types of test: on the bat's durability and how well the plies are glued. These tests are carried out in our laboratories and in real table tennis playing conditions.




5.9 oz.

Storage Instructions

Keep bat away from moisture and direct sunlight.


2 Years



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