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Tennis Ball TB820 Training
Tennis Ball TB820 Training
Tennis Ball TB820 Training

Tennis Ball TB820 Training

Pressurized ball for beginner/intermediate players.

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Tennis Ball TB820 Training designed for players training regularly.

Pressurized ball for beginners. This pressurized ball can be used on all surfaces by players of all levels. ITF certified ball.
Abrasion resistant

High-quality felt gives this pressurized ball excellent durability.

Bounce quality

Hard rubber provides moderately high bounce during rallies.


High-quality rubber makes this a fast, reactive ball.


Because the ball leaks air over time, strokes lose some of their power. The air inside the ball makes impacts more comfortable.
The longer the ball maintains its pressure, the more durable the ball will be.

Product Testing

Balls tested and approved in our TechCenter by our product engineers and certified club trainers.


Structure : 100.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex

Storage Instructions

After opening the can, you should use the balls within 2 months. De-pressurized balls lose their bounce after two months without use.


2 Years



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