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Tennis Multifilament String TA500

Tennis Multifilament String TA500

Power and comfort

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Tennis Multifilament String TA500 designed for advanced or expert players who break their strings after 10 to 20 hours and who want comfort, power and control.

The TA500 Feel 1.30 mm multifilament tennis string is perfect for players who want power and comfort.
Abrasion resistance

6 monofilaments encased in multifilaments for a longer lifespan.


The 1.3 mm gauge and the composition provide good spin.


The polyurethane and polyamide components provide excellent power during play.

Which tension is best?

Moderate tension (18 kg to 23 kg) offers more comfort, spin and power. The flip side is that you'll have less control and accuracy.
High tension (>23 kg) provides greater control and accuracy. It can, however, lead to tendinitis. You will also have less spin and power.

About monofilaments

For monofilament strings, Decathlon recommends a tension of between 19 kg and 22 kg. We strongly advise against monofilament strings for children younger than 15 because these strings are more likely to cause injury. They should be used by players who break their strings in under 10 hours of play, as they very quickly lose their tension.

About multifilaments

For multifilament strings, Decathlon recommends a maximum tension of 25 kg! These strings are recommended for people who are prone to tendinitis, and youngsters. Multifilament strings keep their tension very well.

When to change your strings

How your racket performs depends equally on your frame and strings. Be sure to take the time to choose the right strings.
For players who break their strings a lot: change them when you break them.
For people who rarely or never break strings, Decathlon recommends changing them as many times per year as you play per week. E.g. if you play once per week, change your strings once per year. If you play three times per week, change your strings three times per year.

Tips from Decathlon

You should not tighten a loosely strung racket as its performance will be affected. Looser strings will make your game more relaxed; if you aren't forcing things, you will have more power. Over time strings can become worn without breaking. They lose elasticity and their initial properties. The gauge (or diameter) also affects play. The smaller the gauge, the more power and spin you'll get. A larger gauge will give you stiffer strings with a heavier impact on your body.

Product Testing

Tested over several hours in our labs and on the court by our partner clubs.


Rope : 67.3% Polyamide 6 (PA6), Rope : 23.6% Polyurethane (PU), Rope : 9.1% Polyether Block Amide (PEBA)

Storage Instructions

Avoid major temperature fluctuations.Do not leave your racket in your car boot: the temperature can rise and fall dramatically!


2 Years



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