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Turnball Strong
Turnball Strong
Turnball Strong
Turnball Strong
Turnball Strong
Turnball Strong

Turnball Strong

Stability and tennis ball!

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Turnball Strong designed for playing speedball solo or with 2 to 4 players, beginner or experienced, adult or adolescent, for stability and ease of use

The Turnball Strong ball helps players discover and progress in speedball, playing with family or friends!\nIts stability and durability are suitable for powerful strikes from adults and adolescents.

Base can be weighted with water (16 L) or sand for excellent stability.


Steel post and plastic fastening system for superb durability!

Easy assembly/dismantling

Your turnball is ready to go in just one minute.


Tennis type ball with high speed, ideal for progressing!

Compact design

Tubes clip onto the base underside for easy storage.

Speedball pole

Diameter 32 mm
Assembled height: 60.1"

Base capacity

16 L


Pole : 100.0% Steel


Not suitable for children under 3

Storage Instructions

Store in a sheltered place when you are not using it.


2 Years



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