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Women's Hiking Pullover NH500

Protects from 50° to 57°F. Marge buttoned collar. Long back. Tighter cuffs

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Women's Hiking Pullover NH500 Features:

You will feel cozy in this very feminine sweater. It will protect you from the cold thanks to its large collar and long back. Very practical: 2 clever pockets inside the kangaroo pocket

Protects from 50° to 57°F. Marge buttoned collar. Long back. Tighter cuffs

Easy to transport

2 pockets in the kangaroo pocket to keep keys, spare change, papers and a phone

Odor control

Thanks to its 42% cotton composition, the fabric reduces perspiration odors

Freedom of movement

Knitted with inlay on the back for more freedom of movement

User comfort

Very soft inside: sweater in brushed fleece, soft inside pockets


13.8 oz in size M

Easy to maintain

Crease-proof. Machine washable. Quick-drying (58% polyester composition)

3 clever pockets

This sweater has a large kangaroo pocket on the front so you can keep your hands warm in a very pleasant way, thanks to the soft inside pocket. And inside the kangaroo pocket, you will find 2 more pockets: - a small zip-up pocket to keep keys and spare change safe, - a large pocket with a flap to keep your papers and mobile phone: your telephone will be very accessible if you need it.


The anti-pilling treatment ensures that the garment retains its insulating power and finish over time. This sweater is treated against piling, on the outside, where it is often subject to the rubbing of a backpack or simply moving arms.

Odor control

Product manager advice! This sweater reduces odors (level 3 on a scale from 1 to 5). However, the T-shirt you wear underneath is important: I recommend you wear a T-shirt with plenty of natural fibers, which will also reduce odors (for example, the NH500 Quechua). Avoid wearing a 100% synthetic T-shirt that does not control odors.

Product Testing

We carry out 2 types of thermal tests: - either a test of the material of our pullovers. - or on a thermal dummy in a temperature chamber. We reproduce the same conditions of temperature, wind (3 mph) and humidity found in the mountains on a 3 mph walk. These tests allow us to validate our design choices. And we adapt the thermal insulation there where you need it most.


Main fabric : 58.0% Polyester cationic, Main fabric : 42.0% Cotton Yoke : 100.0% Polyester cationic Lining : 100.0% Polyester cationic

Storage Instructions

Store folded in a clean and dry place



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