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Women's Push-Up Swimsuit Top with Fixed Padded Cups Elena Mosaica
Women's Push-Up Swimsuit Top with Fixed Padded Cups Elena Mosaica
Women's Push-Up Swimsuit Top with Fixed Padded Cups Elena Mosaica

Women's Push-Up Swimsuit Top with Fixed Padded Cups Elena Mosaica

A sporty and feminine push-up top!

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Women's Push-Up Swimsuit Top with Fixed Padded Cups Elena Mosaica designed for beginner surfers surfing in broken waves. suitable for stand up paddle cruising and snorkelling.

This push-up swimsuit top enhances the cleavage; it has an underband, underwires and fixed padded cups. Its folded fabric neck and back ties provide comfort and support.
Stays in place in the waves

Designed to stay in place in broken waves

Chest support

The neck ties and mounting on bands with underwires offer a firm hold


The push-up effect produces a more feminine neckline.


Polymer-based composition, making it quick to dry


You are learning to surf or surf only a few times a year, during your vacation or a surf trip. You stay where you can touch the bottom, in tiny waves or broken waves. You surf for the pleasure of being in the water and for the feeling you get from it. During your sessions, you often fall but you fall in waves that are not very powerful. We have designed a wide range of swimwear for you, to suit your occasional practice and your body shape.


Already popular in collections of women's lingerie, the push-up bra is now available in our collections of swimsuit tops, to keep you looking good in all situations! The folded and knotted neck tie enhances your neckline. Mounted on an underwired band, it offers a firm hold and greater comfort. The neck tie can be used to adjust to your body shape. Particularly well-suited to women with small- or medium-sized busts who want to add volume.


We design swimsuits that promise to stay in place in the waves. To test them, we use a panel of at least 12 female surfers with different body shapes who will follow a test protocol in a pool at our design offices in Hendaye. This protocol aims to reproduce the sensations experienced by surfers when being thrown around by a wave. If this test is conclusive, we go surfing in the sea to test our swimwear in real conditions.

What is a push-up effect?

These extra volume cups, which are built into the swimsuit top, push your bust upwards for a more feminine look, in which the two breasts join together to enhance your cleavage. This is called the push-up effect.

The Elena swimsuit top belongs to the maximum push-up category.

What are padded cups?

Shaped cups built into the swimsuit top are flattering for your bust and sculpt your breasts into a rounded shape without having visible seams and avoiding irritation as opposed to cut and stitched foam pads. Tribord has kept you and your comfort in mind by favouring the use of padded cups in most of its models. The padded cups may be removable and, if so, they let you go up or down a half size.

The Elena push-up is fitted with fixed moulded cups in all sizes.

Adjustable padded cups

This means that they can be adapted to the size of the cup: maximum push-up (cup A and B) and light push-up on larger sizes.


Underwires provide support around the breast for optimal hold. Depending on the shape of the underwiring, we can create a selection of products that show varying levels of cleavage.

Dry sizing and wet sizing

To ensure a perfect fit in the water, it is important to choose the right size while you are dry because once they are in the water, swimsuits become looser. We therefore recommend you buy the correct size. The swimsuit needs to fit snugly against your body in the fitting room, you should feel supported. The spandex contained in certain components used in the design of our swimsuits softens and relaxes in the water.


Is the size or style not suitable for you? Would you like to exchange it at your Decathlon store? No problem, just be sure not to cut the tag off the swimsuit in case you want to exchange it.


Based in Hendaye, in South West France, OLAIAN is Decathlon's new surfing and bodyboarding brand. In our offices at the water's edge, we can design a swimsuit and then on the same day test it directly in the sea to check that it stays in place in the waves.

Product Testing

This product has been tested in use in Hendaye and has been subjected to numerous laboratory tests to guarantee the quality of use for which it was designed: tests on the fabric's elasticity and stability, colour fastness when rubbed, washed, exposed to sea water, chlorinated water, and light and tests on the product's overall performance after repeated washing.


Main fabric : 83.0% Polyester, Main fabric : 17.0% Spandex\r\nInner fabric : 100.0% Polyester\r\nYoke : 80.0% Polyamide, Yoke : 20.0% Spandex


Not recommended for regular use in a chlorinated environment.

Care Instructions

Wash your swimsuit after purchase. Then rinse in fresh water after each use. If you want to machine wash your swimsuit, wash at 30°C with very little detergent and no fabric softener.


2 Years



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