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Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500
Women's Ski Boots Wid 500

Women's Ski Boots Wid 500

The walking position for more comfort.

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Wed Ze

Women's Ski Boots Wid 500 designed for for the good or intermediate level skier looking for flexible and efficient skiing boots.

The Wid 500 boots are very comfortable with their semi-long fur. They are also equipped with a walking position. The ergonomic heel pad allows a good support.

The 70 flex offers the best compromise between strength and reactivity.

Easy to put on

The fur makes it easier to slip the feet into the boots.


Good insulation to preserve the heat.


4 micro-metric buckles including 2 movable buckles on the shin area.30 mm strap.


Ski/walking system, preformed slipper, for a great walking comfort.

Buckle adjustment

4 very strong micro-metric hooks made of aluminum.
You can adjust the length of the buckle by screwing or unscrewing the hook. 3-position top buckles to adapt to all calves. Strap for powerfully and easily tightening the top of the boot.


Wide sizing that is particularly comfortable while also offering good precision. The Women Fit boot, which is open at the shin area, is adapted to the shape of women's legs. Ergonomics Heel pad on the malleolus ensuring the wedge of the heel. The slide in fur and the double strap of the boot facilitate the donning.

What is flex?

To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure specifies the rigidity of the boot: the higher the figure, the stiffer the shell. A flex of 60 is designed for intermediate to experienced skiers. A flex level of 65 to 75 is intended for advanced skiers. Products with a higher flex are intended for experts. However, those with a bigger build can choose a higher level.

How do you try on ski boots?

Once your foot is in the boot, fasten the buckles to the midpoint. Can you go further? This means that the boot's size is not right for you. Once you've fastened the boots, you need to flex 3 times while pushing your shins forward (put your hands on your knees) to push your heel backwards inside the boot. Stand up straight: your foot should brush against the end of the shell. When you flex, your foot should move backwards so that you can no longer feel the end.

How to get ski boots on easily?

Pull the tongue forwards and towards the outside of the feet: this will open up the shell making it much easier to get the boot on.

Product Testing

The Wed'ze ski boots are professionally tested on the ski slopes of the Mont Blanc ski resorts.


Upper of : 100.0% Polypropylene\r\nLining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester cationic\r\nOuter sole of : 100.0% Polypropylene\r\nWarm lining : 100.0% Polyester cationic


Do not dry on a radiator.

Storage Instructions

Dry your boots before storing them. Store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag in a warm room.


2 Years



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