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Women's Snowboard and Ski Sweatshirt SNB HDY

Warm component with a fleece interior. Smart hood to keep warm

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Women's Snowboard and Ski Sweatshirt SNB HDY designed for snowboarders (and skiers) looking for a warm and breathable ski sweater with a multifunction hood.

You choose how you wear your ski hoodie to stay warm! This clever multifunction hood can be worn under a helmet or transformed into a mask to protect you from the cold.

Warm component with a fleece interior. Smart hood to keep warm

Moisture wicking

Good perspiration wicking: eyelets under the arms and on the back.


Fleece fabric guaranteeing optimum warmth and inner softness.

Easy to use

The clever hood can be opened out into two to form a mask.


3 pockets: 2 hand, 1 cargo


1.1 lbs in size L

Can I compare the products' environmental impact?

The product's environmental footprint is calculated for its entire life and with various indicators. A score of A, B, C, D or E is given to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing products of a similar type. Decathlon is committed to displaying the environmental data of its products data is a priority: Video: All our sustainable initiatives on"

How should I dress to avoid feeling cold on the slopes?

In order to keep warm and dry, we recommend using the 3-layer rule. The principle is simple: Use 3 layers of fabric, each having a particular function. Your undergarment must produce and keep in the warmth. Your hoodie or sweatshirt provides you with warmth whereas the jacket protects you from bad weather. All these layers should be breathable in order to allow humidity to escape.

Why a multifunction hood?

Intelligent hood. the cut and stitching are designed to fit under a ski helmet. The hood can also open into two to create a mask for protecting the chin, mouth and nose from the cold. It is opened and closed using two rip-tabs.

Cuffs for additional warmth.

Cuffs with thumb loops to prevent the entry of cold air. They are designed to be used with ski gloves.

Product Testing

All Snowboard products by Decathlon are tested in the real-life conditions for which they have been designed: In the snow and cold, all the conditions you may encounter while snowboarding (and skiing). The design teams, product managers, engineers and garment designers ensure the product's design corresponds perfectly to its real-world use.


Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester cationic Yoke : 92.0% Polyester cationic, Yoke : 8.0% Spandex

Storage Instructions

Store on a hanger and do not fold, as this can damage the fabric coating or membrane. Make sure that the garment is completely dry before storing in a dry and well-ventilated place.



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