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Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina
Women's Swimsuit Fina

Women's Swimsuit Fina

A suit that promotes hydrodynamics.

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Women's Swimsuit Fina designed for intensive swimmers for competitions.

Swimming competition suit approved by FINA (International Swimming Federation) that combines compression, glide and hydrodynamics.

AQUARACE technology reduces body drag resistance in water.

Glide performance

Water repellent fabric absorbs virtually no water and guarantees a perfect glide

Muscle brace

Excellent muscle compression thanks to the highly elasticated fabric.

Environmental impact

Life cycle comparison: women's swimwear.


Intensive swimming: an intensive swimmer swims at least three times a week. She seeks a resistant training swimsuit, that meets the sporting codes related to swimming. The cut is higher to clear the thighs properly and has ultra thin straps for a minimalist look. An intensive swimmer also needs a competition swimsuit, or bodysuit, providing excellent muscle compression to promote hydrodynamics.


Open back: above all, a swimsuit should focus on comfort to allow you to move with complete freedom, without restriction or pain. That is why it is important to choose the cut of the back of your swimsuit carefully. The open back is particularly suited to competitive swimming. It provides enough freedom of movement thanks to straps that go off to the sides to free the shoulder blades.


AQUARACE material is ultra-thin and lightweight thanks to high percentage of spandex, while remaining highly tear-resistant. Moreover its thinness and water repellency enable ultra quick drying after swimming. In fact the water repellent fabric absorbs virtually no water and actually blocks it on the outer surface, creating micro bubbles that assist with buoyancy


The swimsuits and jammers benefiting from AQUARACE technology are designed for competitive swimmers. to enhance performance by incorporating superior hydrodynamics, increased buoyancy as well as fatigue reduction during physical exercise.


Component provides good compression. It is highly elasticated thanks to its high spandex content.
The position of the red reinforcement stripes provides more compression at belt and leg level.
Thanks to a carefully designed cut and a high-tech muscle-compressing material, the drag coefficient of the water is increased, and also blood flow, which optimizes energy expenditure and in turn helps regulate fatigue.


Thermobonded seams are flat assemblies, making it more skin tight for superior hydrodynamics.
This assembly technique creates a smooth, sleek quality finish, which promotes liquid streamline flow when in interaction with fabric and thus minimizes drag resistance.


The non-slip bands located at the edges (waistband and thigh) prevent the fabric from wrinkling. This enables the suit to stay in place during dives and turns, cover as much skin as possible throughout the race and limit resistance.


The environmental impact of the product is calculated over its entire life cycle and with different indicators. An overall score (ABCDE) is attributed to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance by comparing products of the same type with one another (T-shirts, pants, backpacks, etc.).
Decathlon chose to apply this voluntary environmental labeling system.
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From 3XS to L


Main fabric : 53.0% Polyamide, Main fabric : 47.0% Spandex\r\nLining : 77.0% Polyamide, Lining : 23.0% Spandex


2 Years



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