Sports-Inspired Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again

Play tennis, go on a run and hit the gym with these outfit ideas for Halloween.

Sports-Inspired Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Again

Tennis Legend

Snag a great tennis outfit, plus be the tennis legend Billy Jean King and her opponent, Bobby Riggs. Even better, you can use this outfit to hit some balls or take tennis lessons. Find local Bay Area tennis courts here.

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Tennis Skirt - $12.99

Add-On: Over-sized Glasses
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Run, Forest, Run

Pair a tennis cap and socks with a comfy hiking travel shirt, boardshorts and a pair of Kalenji running shoes, and you have the Forest Gump look. With this outfit, you have options for a number of different sports.

Shop Forest's Outfit:

Red Hat - $5.00
Men's Tennis Shirt TTS500 Soft - $19.99
Surfing Boardshorts Hendaia - $9.99
Kalenji Run Support Shoes - $49.99
Mid Socks V500 - $6.49
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At-Home Fitness Instructor

Get groovy with a Halloween costume designed for movement. With this outfit, you get a costume, but also fitness gear, a swimsuit and cozy leggings.

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Cardio Fitness Top - $4.00
Yoga Leggings 7/8 - $24.99
Swimsuit Heva - $7.99
Dumbbells - $7.99
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At least we got to watch the games this year! Here's to staying safe and having fun in 2020. Tip: reuse packaging that's been piling up from online shopping.

Kids' Reversible Basketball Jersey - $16.99
Kids' Reversible Shorts SH500 - $16.99
Basketball - $5.00
Boys'/Girls' Tarmac Basketball Shoes SS100 - $15.00

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