How Do We Make Our Prices so Affordable?

How Do We Make Our Prices so Affordable?

At Decathlon, we believe in the transformative power of sports. We know that the way to do it best is to give our customers the best products at the best prices. It’s how we offer real value every day.

We also know that buying any product means weighing its quality and price. Understanding the real value and true cost of the goods you buy is crucial to being a conscientious consumer.

For 40 years, Decathlon has led the way toward high-quality, low-cost products with a model that produces the best value-to-price ratio in the market. That means every athlete has access to the most technically sound products and gear at the best prices.

Here’s how we do it.

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Research & Development


Decathlon is made up of a growing number of Passion Brands, each of which are as unique as the sports they are centered on. By bringing our brands in-house and having our Passion Brands live under one company, we can pool R&D resources and innovations. Better efficiency means lower prices.



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Integrated Design


Designing mass-market products smartly lowers our costs. Our design teams have comprehensive knowledge of  each sport's specifications and effective control over both timing and quality, sourcing the best materials. We also optimize materials, components, shapes and assembly to create products that are most useful and efficient for you, the users. Every design team is conveniently located where their sport is most accessible and frequently practiced, allowing us to observe and collect feedback from users. Production-wise, our teams continuously search for ways to improve processes and simplify design without compromising quality for updated models and collections. This way we can continuously innovate essentials for each sport.  



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We form long-term partnerships with the best industrial suppliers, who are regularly audited to ensure safe working conditions. Being selective means greater productivity without the compromise of core values such as improved time to market and enhanced risk management. We are committed to sustainable development, scoring our fabrics, exercising chemical risk prevention and measuring carbon emissions. 



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Because we control and invest in our logistical organization (think storage, transportation and automation), we can lower cost and reduce environmental impact. Great prices at the planet’s expense aren’t worth it. We eliminate packaging where it isn't necessary (i.e. no shoe boxes), adopted a cashless policy to reduce our footprint, and strategically locate our warehouses within close proximity to our stores for more efficient shipping. 



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Integrated Retailing


Satisfied or satisfied. It’s a simple yet powerful promise we make to our customers, reflected in our 365 day return policy. Our sports leaders are at the forefront of everything: we interact with users, collect feedback, connect you with the right options, and relay your suggestions directly to our brands. In-store, we observe your preferences to optimize replenishment, and online we observe reviews. For products earning less than 3 stars, we pull them from our range and optimize them to meet expectations. Our mission is to deliver the best experience online and in-store, answering questions and gauging product interest to better serve you. From offering warranties to providing an omnichannel experience, we always strive for satisfaction. By doing this, we hope to bridge a long-lasting relationship with you, from providing your first set of gear to cheering you on as you grow within a sport. Users first!



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Business Model


Our integrated business model means low margins. We don’t have non-integrated importers, and we rely on exclusive partners, so there’s no accumulation of margins that falls on you when you purchase with Decathlon. Low margins mean lower prices for you. In addition, we take "smart costs" into account - areas where we save so we can invest in lowering our prices. We don't sponsor teams and we pledge to reduce our marketing bills so we can deliver on the promise of great prices.



We believe in the value of sports for better living, so we focus on maximizing the true value of our products. For over three decades, we’ve innovated our business model along with our products to bring you the best in sports for the best price.

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