4 Budget-Friendly Places to Practice Yoga in SF

4 Budget-Friendly Places to Practice Yoga in SF
Looking to practice yoga, but on a tight budget? Here are some SF locations near you offering free yoga classes or reduced cost/donation-based opportunities.

Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe

Believe it or not - I don’t have monthly memberships or pay for yoga classes at studios around San Francisco, but I still find a time and place for my practice all the time.

While studios are an amazing way to get that extra push to get your practice in for the day, I know these prices can get overwhelming and it feels like there might not be another option. However, I’ve managed to source many classes around San Francisco that are donation-based and still remain true to the roots of yoga. Here are a handful of favorites open to the public of all levels.

1. Grace Cathedral

This is the perfect place to wind down, come back to find yourself after a long day, and flow with hundreds of other locals in a beautiful Cathedral every Tuesday. As it is a donation-based class, they welcome everyone and anyone with any donation amount one is able to give. Rather than turning people away, they welcome everyone with open arms and give amazing instruction during one’s practice - with live music too!

2. Yoga to the People

If you’re looking to get energized during your practice with a strong vinyasa flow, YTTP is the place for you. Donation-based as well, the YTTP community welcomes everyone to join in their large space near 16th and Mission. They have classes all throughout the day so you have plenty of options to work into your schedule!

3. Gratitude in the Park

Hosted by an independent, certified instructor, this donation-based class is held every Saturday morning in Golden Gate Park. As it is a mixed-level class, all levels are welcome including beginners. What can be better than having accessible yoga outdoors with beautiful surroundings?

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4. Here at Decathlon!

As our main mission is to make sports accessible to all, I believe it’s important that we provide free classes for anyone who is interested in either beginning their practice for the first time, or wanting to strengthen their practice for the cost of what it should be: free.

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We have classes in our store on the fourth Tuesday of every month for the early risers on their way to work, but we plan to bring it outdoors for you on the weekends as well to keep it accessible, free, and fun! Join Yoga with Decathlon’s Facebook Group or Meet Up Page to stay in the loop with all the free classes we provide for you.

Enjoy your practice wherever you go!


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Written by:

Kate Johnson

Yoga Brand Manager

SF Bay Native, Yogi and Hiker


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