7 Best Cardio Workouts You Can Do at Home REQ IMAGES

These exercises are guaranteed to create a sweat fest while you're at home!

7 Best Cardio Workouts You Can Do at Home REQ IMAGES

Tired of your daily workout routine and want to sweat it out at home? Follow this easy cardio workout!

All you need are the following items:

1. Skipping Rope (Optional)
2. Towel
3. Water Bottle
4. Exercise Mat (optional)
5. Stop Watch (or the stopwatch function on your phone)

Find suitable and ample space to work out at home and you are all set! For added benefit, get some upbeat music and blast them on your phone. This will motivate you to complete the workout!

Duration of Each Exercise:

You will be doing each exercise for 45 seconds. After which, you will rest for 15 seconds between each exercise. Once you have completed all 7 exercises, you will rest for 2 minutes. This set will take you 9 minutes to complete. It is recommended that you do 3 - 5 sets to get a proper cardio workout.


Exercise 1 - Jump Rope (45 Seconds)

If you do not have a skipping rope, it is perfectly fine! Pretend you have one and still skip! It looks funny but it is highly effective! Try to skip at a moderate pace and keep the same pace for 45 seconds. If you mess up, it is okay. Just leave the clock running and resume skipping.

Point to note: If you have bad knees, try to wear shoes to soften the impact.




Exercise 2 - High Knees (45 Seconds)

This is going to be a tough one right after 45 seconds of skipping rope. Try your best to bring your knee forward, and above your hip level. Stick your arms out in front of you, and try to get your knees to touch your hand. Maintain a steady pace!

Point to note: Keep your back straight throughout this exercise. This will help you engage your core too.




Exercise 3 - Butt Kicks (45 Seconds)

This is a rather easy exercise to do. Just make sure you try to bring your foot as close to your butt as possible. It is a good time to pick up the pace a little!

Point to note: Keep your back straight and core engaged at all times.




Exercise 4 - Jumping Jacks (45 Seconds)

This exercise is no stranger. We've been doing it since we were in primary school! This is a good time to maintain a moderately high pace! You don't have to jump high, you just need to jump fast. Get that heart-rate up!

Point to note: Contract your core muscles and you will feel like you are landing softer!




Exercise 5 - Fast Feet Shuffle (45 Seconds)

The idea of this exercise is to keep low, contract your core and shuffle your feet really quickly. After the last 4 exercises, doing this exercise will be a real challenge. But don't give up! If you are tired, jog on the sport for 2-3 seconds and continue shuffling again!

Point to note: Contract that core! You will feel lighter on your feet.




Exercise 6 - Mountain Climbers (45 Seconds)

Time to get off your feet for a bit. Your calves are probably burning at this moment. If you are already familiar with the regular mountain climbers, you may use this time to do Switching Mountain Climbers. But the regular mountain climbers should do the trick, for the majority of you :)

Point to note: Do not arch your back. Ensure that you shoulders are stacked over your wrists at all times.




Exercise 7 - Bicycles (45 Seconds)

The last exercise of your set! Time to burn the maximum number of calories! Go as fast as you can.

Point to note: Ensure that your chin is away from your chest.



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