Challenge Yourselves: Partner Workouts to Do for Valentine's Day

Challenge Yourselves: Partner Workouts to Do for Valentine's Day

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Looking for some workouts to do with your partner for Valentine's day? Want to introduce your partner to fitness or challenge them with something new? Maybe you and your best friend just want to get fit together. Whatever it is, we have the perfect partner exercises to help you and your workout buddy on your journey.

Partner push-pull

Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Have your partner assume push-up position while you hold their feet in the air. Press your partner's feet into the air; as you do so, have your partner perform a push-up. As you lower the legs of your partner, have your partner return to starting position. Switch positions when ready.

Partner side-to-side crunches

Lying down on the same mat with knees bent, put your legs between the legs of your partner. Lift your shoulders with your partner and pivot your torso from side to side with your arm extending out to reach your partner's hand. Make contact with your partner's hand for maximum effect then continue quickly by pivoting to the other side.

Parallel plank push-up

Get into push-up position. Have your partner get into push up position facing the opposite direction with their feet on your shoulder blades. Do a push-up then have your partner do a push-up immediately when you return to starting position. Alternate push ups in this way. Switch positions when ready.

Calf Squat

Face your partner a with a small amount of distance between you. Grab your partners hand and steadily enter a squat; as you squat, lift your heels to work your calf muscles. Use each other for tension support.

C-sit squares

Assume a c-sit position facing your partner. With your legs raised and your hands flat on either side of your buttocks, begin drawing squares in the air, looping your squares into the squares of your partner.

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