How to Choose a Beginner Golf Set

How to Choose a Beginner Golf Set

Size over style

To ensure our golf clubs are as tailored as possible to your body type, we categorize our beginner clubs according to size. Regardless of your height or gender, the distance from your fist to the floor will determine the length of your clubs.

Size 1: For players with a fist-to-floor measurement of less than 78.5 cm

Size 2: For players with a wrist-to-floor measurement of greater than 78.5 cm

If your wrist-to-floor measurement is equal to 78.5 cm, we recommend choosing size 2.

To take your fist-to-floor measurement, stand up straight against a wall in non-heeled shoes with your hands in fists by your sides. Using a pencil, draw a small line on the wall marking the height from the ground to the midpoint of one fist. This measurement will determine whether you should opt for size 1 or 2.

Which shaft to begin with

Golf shafts have undergone serious changes in recent years. They’ve become much lighter and more technologically advanced. As a beginner, you should opt for lightweight clubs; these will give you a more comfortable swing and allow you to lift the ball more easily. You’ll have more fun on the course and feel more motivated to keep practicing. If you’re looking to buy older clubs, make sure they’re right for you.

Beginner clubs are available with two types of shafts: graphite and steel. Graphite makes for a lighter club that’s easier to use. It’s recommended over steel for beginners. However, steel shafts are available for size 2 clubs. Heavier and stiffer, steel-shaft clubs are best suited to golfers who are physically strong.

Lucky number 7

These seven clubs are ideal for beginners and were selected to ensure an average of 16 yards between each club distance. This was the recommendation of the golf instructors we consulted. As a result, you can cover any distance, from tee to green. You can also purchase clubs individually.

We no longer offer traditional 6-club half kits consisting of a putter, 5-, 7-, and 9-irons, the SW, and a 3-wood for two reasons. First, golf experts have informed us of the difficulty of using a 5-iron and a 3-wood. Second, we’ve noticed there’s too much distance between the SW and the 9-iron.

Clubs tailored to your skill level

The clubheads are larger compared to clubs designed for advanced players to ensure better club placement and ball flight. The clubs are light, making them easier to swing, and the enlarged club face is more forgiving on off-center hits. We also placed three marker lines on the grips to indicate proper hand placement.

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