How to Choose Shoes for Your Children

How to Choose Shoes for Your Children

Choosing your child's shoes doesn't have to be a headache. Beyond color and looks, we look at 5 questions you should be asking yourself before buying.

Are they the right size?

When choosing the correct sized shoes for your child, it's no big secret: Your child must try them on! In order for them to grow, their feet must be supported, especially at the heel. However, your child's feet should not feel squashed, their toes should be able to move freely to ensure that the foot can grow normally.

Will my child be able to put on and take off their shoes by themselves?

At around 5 or 6, children are capable of tying their own laces. But to make this easier for them, choose shoes with Velcro fastenings or those that combine elastic laces and Velcro. This will save you time, and will encourage your little one to become more independent.

Will my kid be able to play sports with their shoes?

For the shoes to accommodate your child's maximum amount of activity, 4 criteria should be met:

Flexibility: your child should be able to move freely. It should be easy to flex the shoe!

Grip: rubber-soled shoes are best, as they are naturally non-slip and have the added advantage of not marking the floor. The soles of your children's shoes should be patterned to avoid the child slipping!

Shock-absorbency: although a minimum shock absorbency is recommended up to the age of 7, thereafter the shock-absorbency of the shoe should be sufficient to support the growth of the child, who is becoming heavier.

Solidity: check that the shoes are strengthened at the front and back, these are the parts which are subject to the most wear by children.

Please note: our shoes are designed for walking, but are also suitable for playing sports at school. Watch out for premature wear of Newfeel shoes depending on which activities are done!

What about unpleasant odors?

Your child is a bundle of energy and very active, running around and sweating. It is not the sweat itself which is responsible for unpleasant odors, but bacteria which build up if you do not allow the shoes to breathe.

Check before buying whether it is possible to remove the insole from the shoe. Our children's shoes have a removable insole, this should be dried outside to prevent the growth of bacteria, responsible for unpleasant odors!

Will I be able to clean my kid's shoes easily?

Choose shoes made from synthetic materials, or ones which can be easily washed. With synthetics, a wipe with a damp sponge is enough to remove all marks!

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