How to Choose the Best Running Socks

There are several types of running socks. To choose between road running socks, trail running socks, low socks or even compression sleeves can be complicated. We're here to help you choose the correct sock according to the type of track

How to Choose the Best Running Socks


KALENJI doesn't just make the best shoes; it also offers a wide range of choice designed to meet your expectations whatever your running field – road or trail

Flat running

The flat running socks will meet expectations more focused on comfort while running. Therefore, a special focus will be made on softness, lightness, and breathability

Trail running

Some of our socks will make your run more comfortable when it comes to uneven field and trail section. Those socks will give you a better ankle support, a better shock protection on your calves and will prevent sprains. Compression socks or sleeves will help facilitate blood backflow and will reduce muscle fatigue. They will also help you to adapt quicker to different weather conditions and prevent injuries.

Choose your running socks according to your needs

KALENJI offers a range of socks according to the intensity of your runs and your specific needs:


Flat running socks are generally lower in order to make you feel more comfortable while running.


Depending on the weather conditions and the intensity of your runs, a different thickness will be recommended in order to effectively wick away perspiration and make you feel more comfortable in your shoes during more intensive runs. In order to keep your feet stable, these socks have reinforced zones.


The KALENJI compression sleeves will help reduce your muscle fatigue and facilitate blood backflow.

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