How to Choose the Right Golf Ball

Have you ever wondered what type of golf ball is right for you? If so, you’re in the right place. If you haven’t, well, now is the time to find out. Depending on your level and style of play, the type of golf ball you use directly affects your performance on the course.

How to Choose the Right Golf Ball

Inesis carries three different golf balls, each one specifically designed for a particular type of player and style of play. After reading this, not only will the choices in your life be simpler, but also your golf game will improve.

Beginners: Meet the Introductory Ball

The Inesis golf ball 100 is our beginner ball (handicap > 25) and is comprised of two layers: a rubber core and a surlyn cover. The hard surlyn cover makes the ball very durable so that you can use it for multiple rounds without it being severely damaged. There are also over 400 dimples on its surface, which allows for a more aerodynamic flight, propelling the ball further in the air and subsequently shortening the lengths of holes. Another benefit of the golf ball is its amazing price: $6.99 for a dozen balls.  As a beginner, you’re probably going to be losing balls, which is why it is smarter to choose less expensive balls while you hone your skills before purchasing those pearly PRO-V1’s. As you can see, the durability, longer flight, and low price make the Inesis golf ball 100 a perfect match for the beginning golfer.

golf ball inesis 100yellow golf ball inesis 100 decathlon


Intermediate Players: Low Compression Is Your Friend

The golf ball 500 (matte version) is designed for the intermediate player (handicap between 15 and 25) and is comprised of two layers: a rubber core and a surlyn cover. The main difference between this ball and the golf ball 100 is its low compression rating of 74.  The compression rating corresponds to the amount the ball “compresses” during impact with the club. The lower the rating, the more the ball compresses and allows for an easier energy transfer from club to ball. This is helpful for the beginner to intermediate golfer because it allows for more distance off the tee without having to produce a super fast swing speed.  Furthermore, the softer ball creates more spin around the greens, which will improve your short game control and lower scores. As you get more experienced with your game, the Inesis golf ball 500 offers the qualities you need to continue developing new skills.

inesis golf 520 ball

Advanced Golfers: This Triple Threat Will Alter Your Performance

The golf ball 900 is designed for the advanced player (handicap < 15) and is comprised of three layers: a rubber core, ionomer mantle, and TPU Urethane cover.  As we’ve said before, this ball is a triple threat when it comes to performance because of the distance, control, and spin it delivers. The main difference between this ball and the 100 and 500 is the ionomer mantle layer. This layer is so integral because it works with the core and cover to create the best distance to spin ratio. For example, during a tee shot, the ionomer mantle will work with the cover to reduce spin and create more distance.  Conversely, the mantle layer will work with the core on shorter shots to create more spin and a softer feel. As one see, the all around performance of this ball is great for an advanced player who is looking to maximize results in all areas of their game.        

So, there is only one question left to ask: Which Inesis ball is right for you?
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