How to Pick Your Ski Jacket and Ski Pants

How to Pick Your Ski Jacket and Ski Pants

You might only ski once a year, making durability less of an issue but if you take your kids with you, you’ll need lots of pockets for their essentials. You might be an advanced skier with a penchant for jumps and tricks and want ski gear that can withstand freestyling or is equipped with locating technology. If you’re worried about a wet and windy weather forecast or if you are a beginner destined for time on the ground, you’ll want to take the waterproofing capabilities of your pick up a notch with sealed seams.


This might seem like an obvious one when it comes to clothing for skiing or snowboarding, but some designs go that extra mile to keep you toasty in snowy climes. For example, Wedze’s high-tech FR900 ski pants are wind-proof and complete with detachable down shorts for added warmth.

The Wedze 900 downhill jacket also has excellent insulating properties thanks to its down and feather filling, and part of it is completely seam-free, which limits feather loss and the potential for chills getting in. For extra coziness it has a soft fleece chin section to protect your face and prevent irritation to your neck and chin.



In general, anything that’s designed to be worn on the slopes will be waterproof, but there are varying degrees of waterproofing and extra features that can ensure not even a droplet reaches your skin. We’re talking about ski gear with 10,000 mm membrane and sealed seams. The membrane is a very fine component applied to the inner surface of the outer fabric and prevents water from seeping in while wicking away the perspiration produced by the body. Sealed or taped seams offer superior waterproofing – they’re basically waterproof adhesive strips taped to the inside seams of the garment to make it perfectly watertight. The seams are taped in areas that are most exposed to snow, which is usually the shoulders and chest. Here are some great examples of fully waterproof ski jackets and trousers with a 10,000 mm membrane and taped seams:



Whether you’re investing in snow-ready pieces for the next few seasons to come or need a jacket and trousers that can withstand the twists and turns of freeriding, you’ll want to look at our handpicked selection of the most durable ski gear. The following styles are crafted from hardy materials that are coated with resilient waterproof treatments which allow water to run off the surface without seeping in thus prolonging its resistance to bad weather. Some treatments need to be ‘topped up’ with products available at Decathlon. The multi-layered construction further helps them to stand the test of time.



This is an endless category and what’s practical for you might not make much of a difference to your fellow skiers. Pockets, for example, are perfect for parents – we all know kids come with a lot of extras! There’s space for goggles, ski passes, snacks and sun screen inside and out.


Most ski jackets come with a clear pocket on one sleeve for your ski pass, meaning there’s no need to struggle with removing it to flash it at the ski lift. If not, you can buy a ski pass holder, which allows you to present your pass without having to remove your gloves.

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