How to Select the Right Hiking Shoes

How to Select the Right Hiking Shoes

Choosing the right hiking shoes is a matchmaking process, which can make or break your hike. Your dream hiking shoes need to be a perfect for you and the type of hiking you plan on doing, and with this guide, we can help you make the right selection. Before you lace up your shoes and pack your backpack, it's always a good idea to ensure the shoes are the right match. 

There are so many different options out there when it comes to hiking footwear, and it can be overwhelming to decide which style is the right one for you. You have an incredible array of choices, from ultralight fast hiking shoes, to heavy mountaineering boots.

How should I choose hiking shoes?

High or low, ankle support, waterproof or not, there feels like an endless array of options. Here are our tips for choosing the model that you need.

The choice of Hiking Shoes is based on 4 criteria: The field of practice, the duration of the hike, support and weather. 

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1. The Field of Practice

During a walk in the plains we seek rather the comfort, and the freedom of movement.

On the other hand, when hiking in the mountains you need more support at the ankle.


2. The Duration

The duration of outings is related to the level of practice often times. 

Less than three hours: Short
The duration of the outings is often related to the level of practice:



For a short outing (less than 3 hours), heel cushioning will suffice.

Over three hours: Average to Long

Full cushioning is needed for hikes over three hours. 


3. Support

Depending on the fragility of your ankles, you can choose a high-stemmed shoe for better support, or low-stem if you prefer freedom of movement.


4. Weather Conditions

If you vary your hiking venture based on weather, there are different ways to categorize the shoe-wear that works for each occasion. Whether you're into sunny days only, or out to enjoy nature regardless of conditions, consider these features.

For snow or rain, ensure you are looking at shoes that are waterproof shoes to eliminate the chances of getting feet wet mid-hike. Don't forget your coat.

If you hike in good weather conditions (sunny skies, warm), be sure to look for breathability



For all-weather types of conditions, seek impermeability. 







When you're ready, pick out your hiking shoes for your upcoming adventures!


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