How to Wear Ski Underwear

How to Wear Ski Underwear

Ski and snowboard underwear are essential for your comfort in winter sports. Here are our tips for choosing and wearing them properly while optimizing their technical properties.

What is ski underwear exactly?

Ski underwear is the clothing worn the closest to the body, next to the skin. Composed of technical and intelligent textiles, it offers multiple advantages for the comfort of the skier or snowboarder: breathability, water repellency, and warmth.

Its main role is to keep you warm while helping your body to evacuate humidity that it gives off during physical exercise.

How to wear technical underwear

It usually consists of underpants and a long or short-sleeved t-shirt. Choose ones that are close fitting without hugging you in order to stay free to move. If your underwear is too big, you will not feel the technical properties and you may feel cold. Take time to find the right size!

Ski underwear must be worn as a second skin for it to be truly effective! In very cold weather, opt for a second, warmer layer (fleece type) rather than a T-shirt or tank top under your technical T-shirt. This would cancel the technical properties of the underwear.

Ski underwear does not have cold and moisture insulating properties. Remember to always wear it with a second layer (ski under-jacket) and a third layer (jacket and pants).

Choose your technical underwear

There are different technical underwear, with varied properties: some will provide you with warmth, while others will provide better moisture wicking. It all depends on how you ski and when you go on the slopes. Do not hesitate to seek advice on choosing the most appropriate technical underwear for your next outings!

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