Post-Run Care: How to Avoid Foot Odor for Runners

Post-Run Care: How to Avoid Foot Odor for Runners

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If you're on your feet a lot and regularly do high-energy activities then you might notice something unpleasant after a long day of hard work: a bad foot smell. This is especially true for runners, whose favorite hobby is completely reliant on fast movement! Here are some ways to take care of the odor and keep it at bay.

Most importantly: wash!

When you're in the shower, you might think the runoff soapy water from the rest of your body is enough to keep your feet clean. This isn't true! Just like other parts of your body, your feet need a healthy and soapy scrub to get rid of all the accumulated dirtiness and stinkiness. If you feel like you you need a deeper clean, it might be a good idea to give your feet a dedicated bath in a small tub where you can give them a more dedicated scrub. Don't forget to get the skin between the toes! Dry off afterwards so excess moisture doesn't linger.

Air out

Just like you should dry out your feet after a shower to avoid excess moisture, you should let your feet dry and air out when they're really sweaty! Remove your socks and shoes when you can to give them a little time to breathe. If necessary, replace your socks (and even shoes) throughout the day so your feet don't spend the day stewing in moisture. When you're not exercising, consider wearing open shoes like sandals that allow locomotion without fully encasing your foot. If you feel like your feet sweat way too much, consider using a foot anti-perspirant.

Wear the right thing

When it comes to socks, make sure you're purchasing socks that are made of a breathable fabric with moisture management and that don't promote heat retention. Cotton and some types of wool will absorb sweat effectively and will make it easy to replace your socks with a new pair when you need to freshen up. If your socks get wet (whether it be from sweat or from something else) then be sure to replace your socks with a new pair before foul odors can build.

When it comes to shoes, make sure you have the right fit. Ill-fitting shoes will make running and moving very uncomfortable and make it so your feet have to work harder than they need to. Tight shoes will especially be constricting and keep your foot moisture in instead of kicking it out! Your shoes should have adequate ventilation/breathable fabric so you're not bogged down.

Taking care of your feet means taking care of your shoes

It's not just your own body that needs to be taken care of. Wash your running shoes (and other shoes you wear) regularly. If your shoes are not washable, then maybe the insoles are washable or can be switched out for something new and comfortable. Avoid wearing the same shoes over and over--they need a break, too! Giving them time to breathe and get rid of any smell they've accumulated throughout the day is essential to making sure the odors don't stick around.

Also consider buying a spray specially made for foot odor. This will keep them smelling fresh and will kill some smelly bacteria. You'll still need to air them out for a little bit after treatment.

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