Run in a group and stay motivated!

It's true - running is not known as the best of team sports. That said, you have to admit, running in a group has many advantages for staying motivated and avoiding boredom. We've got some advice for singing your perfect running buddies!

Run in a group and stay motivated!
Running in a group: what are the advantages?

You've probably already been there: comfortably stretched out on the couch and your motivation to go for a run declines with every minute.That's if you don't have a running buddy who makes you get your running shoes on! The main advantage of running with others is to keep motivated. Your running session becomes a time for discussing the benefits of running, training, gear, the route etc.: the ideal way to avoid boredom!

Running with someone else is also the best way to ensure regularity by setting dates to run together. If you run regularly, you will inevitably progress, and even more so with a partner who is slightly better than you to encourage you.

Safety is another obvious good reason for running in a group, particularly in winter when it gets dark early. And finally, we can't say it enough, running in a group or running club is a great way to meet people: it boosts your social life and is good for your health as well!


Finding a running partner on the internet

It's sounds easy, but where can I find a running buddy? There are now many applications for meeting other runners. You can even suggest running outings on the applications and get other runners to join you.


Joining a running group

If you are not an internet fan, there are lots of other ways to run in a group. For example, join the local running club or even join running events organised by sports brands or bloggers. 

Decathlon also organizes many running events which start from their stores for, amongst other things, testing Kalenji products, particularly running shoes. Contact the store closest to you for more information about where this sort of event is organised next.

All you need is a bit of willpower, courage and a smile to find someone to run with! And who said your running buddies can't become you best friends!

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