Staff Picks: Camping Essentials

Staff Picks: Camping Essentials

Staff Picks: Top Camping Essentials of 2024

By Christopher Bourne, Camp Director
Published: May 15, 2024
By Christopher Bourne, Camp Director
Published: May 15, 2024

Hello, fellow adventurers! I’m Chris Bourne, Decathlon’s camping expert, and today I’m sharing my favorite Decathlon camping gear, handpicked by me so that your next trip to the great outdoors is safe, comfortable, and memorable. I’ll show you high-quality options that are durable and reliable in whatever condition you’re facing — or on whatever budget you have. Remember: investing in top-notch equipment helps you quit worrying about setup and gear failure, so you can focus on enjoying nature, family, and friends. Let’s take a look at my personal Decathlon recommendations for camping essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and more!

Best camping tents

A high-quality tent means shelter and comfort. This is crucial for protection from the elements — as well as for a good night’s sleep that will keep your adventure going. Whether you’re camping in the rain, wind, or sun, there’s a cozy Decathlon tent perfectly suited for you. Here are some of my favorites.

Quechua 2 Second Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Person

This is my go-to camping tent because it’s easy to set up, stays super-dark in the morning for undisturbed sleep, and keeps cool even on hot days. Nothing is more convenient after a long drive to a campsite than just popping open your tent in seconds.

Quechua 2 Second Easy Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Person

This newly innovated model is even easier to set up and pack away. It features two doors, so you don’t have to keep crawling over your camping buddy.

Pro tip: Need room for one more? We have three-person versions of both these Quechua tents. I use a three-person tent even when it’s just me and a partner, since we get way more storage space.

Best camping cookware

Upgrade your meal prep with my favorite camp cookware! These will make your outdoor dining a lot easier (and more enjoyable).

Quechua Non-Stick Stainless Steel 2-Person 14-Piece Camp Cookset 2.1 L

I swear by this cookset. It comes with everything you need, and it all packs up into one compact pot. Made of durable stainless steel and nonstick surfaces, this cookset will have your belly full without making a mess.

Quechua MH500 1 L Stainless Steel Camping Kettle

As a serious tea and coffee aficionado, I love this compact, stainless steel kettle. It’s specifically designed to be used with any fire, so no matter where I am, I can enjoy a soothing hot cup.

Best camping shower

Do you smell like adventure? It’s not always pleasant. Get refreshed with Decathlon's top-notch camping shower.

Quechua 10 L Solar Pressure Camping Shower

Possibly my favorite Decathlon product of all time! When I’m roughing it far away from the luxuries of everyday life, a portable shower makes the camping experience infinitely better. All I do is heat the shower in the sunlight, hang it, and hose down. Also useful for the beach!

Best sleeping bag and mattresses

Snuggle up and sweet dreams! I’ve slept in a bunch of Decathlon sleeping bags, and these are my recent favorites.

Forclaz MT900 50°F Down Sleeping Bag

Looking for a lightweight, versatile sleeping bag? This one is ethically stuffed with RDS-certified down and features a mummy shape for maximum coziness, making it an excellent packable option for warm-weather camping. Its premium down filling and water-repellent shell offer reliable warmth and durability on summer adventures in mild conditions. The Forclaz MT900 50°F sleeping bag also comes in 3 sizes, so you can find one that fits you like a glove.

Quechua Ultimate Comfort Self-Inflating Mattress

Never fear a sleepless night in the wilderness again. I love this mattress’s ultra-comfortable material — and the option to twin it with another for a cozy two-person setup. Perfect for traditional camping or impromptu car sleepovers!

Quechua Camp Bed Air 79" Inflatable Camping Bed Base

One of our most popular camping products! Enjoy more restful sleep, a handy place to sit, and extra storage space under the bed to organize your tent. On extended camping trips, you can keep sleeping gear off the ground, protecting it from dirt and moisture.

Best camping chairs

When you’re sitting around the fire with loved ones, or admiring the view at a vista point, having a good chair can help you enjoy the moment longer.

Quechua MH500 Folding Camping Chair

My go-to chair for adventures big and small. It’s lightweight, compact, and slips right into a bag. Whether you’re out in the rugged wilderness or chilling at your local park, you can rely on this simple but sturdy chair.

Forclaz Trek Pad Outdoor Foam Seat

Not exactly a chair, but still a great place to park your rear. This foam seat is abrasion-resistant, super light, and ideal for turning any log or rock into a comfortable seating spot. I use it mostly for backpacking, or when camping includes a long hike.

Quechua Reclinable Camping Chair

Combining comfort with convenience, this camping chair offers adjustable reclining positions and rugged sturdiness. Its padded seat and backrest provide support so you can enjoy the outdoors for an extended period of time. With its compact, foldable design, this camping chair is also easy to store and transport. A must-have for campers of all levels!

Best camping lighting

How can you set up your tent if you can’t see what you’re doing? Let there be light!

Quechua Camping Lamp

This light is so darn handy, I bring it on every camping adventure. I just plug it in to recharge, and then it’s good for an astounding 7 hours. Oh, and it’s waterproof.

Best camping gear repair item

At Decathlon, we care deeply about the sustainability of our products. To make your camping gear last longer, I recommend this.

Quechua Multipurpose Repair Adhesive Tape

It’s normal to tear a small hole in your tent or sleeping bag, but if you don’t patch it up, the lifetime of your gear will decline fast. I used to keep a roll of duct tape around to fix things, but this universal tape is way more durable — and it’s specially designed for outdoor gear.

Ready to go?

Hopefully some of my recommendations have inspired you to grab your gear and head out on an adventure. Check out to buy the gear I’ve covered, or to explore more high-quality camping and sports equipment. Happy camping!

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