Why Choose Merino Wool?

Light, wrinkle-free, durable and soft on the skin, merino wool ensures remarkable comfort. In addition, it has natural antimicrobial properties to neutralize odours, even after several days. It also regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture.

Why Choose Merino Wool?

Merino is a breed of sheep that produces an extremely fine wool that does not irritate the skin. A garment made of Merino wool is the ideal base layer in summer and winter. To try it is to love it.

Merino Wool: the Hiker’s Trusted Partner

Going hiking? Wear Merino wool clothing. You'll thank us later.

Three times finer than traditional wool, Merino wool is a high-performance, breathable natural fiber that does not stick to the skin. It contains proteins that prevent the proliferation of bacteria. And since bacteria are responsible for bad smells, you can wear Merino wool clothing for several days in a row without worrying about unpleasant odors. Merino wool clothing is therefore ideal for intense physical activity.

Merino wool also prevents irritation and allergic reactions caused by friction. In addition, the wool regulates the body temperature, even when wet and regardless of the weather. It is also fire retardant, which means that it does not melt if exposed to fire (very useful near a campfire). Why not use it?


Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

Over the years, we have received more and more questions about the origin of the wool we use: "Are the sheep treated well? "In order to answer these questions honestly, we have launched a traceability project.

We went to South Africa to ensure that the wool used in the manufacturing of Decathlon products is produced in an ethical and responsible manner.


Ethical Wool

Our wool does not come from a particular farm, but from a cooperative of sheepfolds that systematically respects and applies our rules, procedures and work methods. We can therefore confirm that the sheep are treated in the best possible conditions. They are well fed and have enough pasture and space to roam freely. Moreover, the practice of "mulesing*" is strictly forbidden.

*"Mulesing" is a harmful practice that consists of cutting the sheep's skin to prevent flies from laying their eggs in the excrement caught in their wool. This method is not in line with Decathlon's values and ethics.


From Sheep to T-Shirt

Every spring, the sheep are sheared by specialists with electric razors. This makes it possible to detach the wool from the sheep in a smooth and delicate way. Shearing the sheep prevents the animal from overheating during the summer and allows it to move freely without being encumbered by its heavy wool. After shearing, the wool is washed to remove wool grease and other impurities, it is then transported from the sheepfold to our Seguard Masurel dealer in Port Elizabeth, where it is checked and auctioned. The wool is then shipped around the world, where it is mainly used in the fashion industry. It is then combed, spun and woven into wide strips that are dyed and processed in our workshops to make the garments for our hiking department.


Wool Is a Great Choice for the Planet!

1. Our wool clothes are 100% "slow fashion" and it shows. Our wool clothes have always had a timeless design and they remain in our collection from year to year. The price may be a little higher, but thanks to its incredible quality, a wool t-shirt lasts much longer than a garment made with synthetic materials.

2. Wool is 100% recyclable! Thanks to the high quality of its fibers, wool can be reused and recycled easily and repeatedly.

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