Creating a Home Yoga Space

Creating a Home Yoga Space

Create an atmosphere of well-being

When you practice at the studio, the décor is already in place when you arrive. But if you do yoga at home, you'll need a few things to create an atmosphere to help you focus. A few accessories can turn your home into a veritable cocoon of relaxation. If you're a studio regular, you can draw on what you like there to guide you.

Think about what will help you disconnect from your surroundings and focus on your practice.

Try to stimulate all of your five senses through the feel of natural materials, the sound of a playlist or Tibetan singing bowl, the taste of an herbal tea at the end of your practice, the fragrance of a scented candle or essential oils, and soft lighting or patterns that inspire you.

Equipment you might need

A yoga mat: The thickness you need will depend on the type of yoga you do and how sensitive your joints are

A comfortable outfit: make sure it moves with you

Accessories: If you have space, you may want to consider something like a yoga block, a savasana blanket, or a zafu.

Your own yoga studio at home

Are you lucky enough to have a dedicated space in your home? That's fantastic! Whether you have a whole room or a small corner, you're already one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to push around furniture every time you want to practice. This also means you can leave your equipment out. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated while decorating a small area of your home. Leaving your meditation cushion out and leaning your mat against a wall are excellent reminders to practice. Decorate your space with items that promote relaxation: a Zen garden, incense holder, inspiring quotes etc.

Are things a bit tight?

You're like most yogis who don't have enough space to have a permanent yoga area at home. But don't worry - a few accessories and the right outfit will transport you to your own little bubble of relaxation. Your yoga space is wherever you lay your mat!

A candle on a shelf, a small lamp or another item that inspires you may be all you need to create a bubble of well-being.

Do you have kids and find it impossible to have a space in your home where you can be totally alone? Roll out your mat once you've put the little ones to bed, or try to get up before everyone else to have some time for yourself.

Connect to nature

Do you have access to the outdoors? Connect to yoga's roots and practice in nature. Have a terrace or balcony, a small corner of your garden or a park nearby? Unroll your mat in the grass under a tree and be inspired by the birds singing all around you!

Extend the well-being you feel after yoga with a cup of tea made with herbs that promote relaxation! You can rehydrate while holding on to that feeling of peace just a bit longer.

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