Yoga Mats



Doing crunches and push-ups at home? Finding your center during an at-home yoga session? If you’re starting out for the first time or looking to reach your next goal, our Domyos yoga mats will set you up for success all along your fitness journey. We have a variety of mats–small and large yoga mats, thick and thin–so you can pick the right one for your fitness needs.

Our non-slip yoga mats have a grip so you feel secure while moving about on your mat during your workouts, whether you’re doing push ups or warrior 2. Our mats are easy to travel with, and we have yoga bags with straps to keep your mat secure on your journeys. And, of course, our mats are comfortable! Already have a well-loved mat? Learn how to clean your yoga mat with us!

Your yoga experience isn’t complete without our breathable and flexible yoga clothing. Supplement your workouts with yoga blocks, straps, and zafu pillows. Are aerobics more your jam? We have steppers and trampolines to get you moving. 

Complete your home gym with weight racks that are perfect for squatting or a compact gym system for chest, back, and leg exercises. Our dip stations are perfect for tricep workouts. And if you’re still looking for more to complete your home gym, we have plenty of home gym accessories so you have everything you need without a gym membership!  If you’re interested in cardio, we have everything you need to get started or to take it to the next level. Get your sweat on in an elliptical, treadmill, or rowing machine, and find out why Gearjunkie said “you’ll welcome the straightforward simplicity... like, why don’t you have one already?” of our Domyos 500 exercise bike.