Cycling Clothing

Enhance your ride with top-quality cycling clothes

Want to make your cycling experience even better? Upgrade to our premium cycling clothes. Decathlon offers a wide range of cycling jerseys, pants, shorts, and rain protection, all designed with advanced, breathable materials for superior comfort and durability. Whether you're on rugged mountain paths or sunny urban streets, our cycling clothes are built to perform. Explore the perfect cycling clothes for men and women on any ride.

Dominate trails with specialized mountain bike clothing

Serious mountain bikers need gear that can handle tough trails. Our mountain bike apparel provides the perfect combination of stretch, padding, and ventilation to keep you comfortable and in control. With our specialized mountain bike clothing, you can conquer any challenging trail.

Look great and ride in style

Decathlon cycling apparel is designed to be both functional and fashionable. Discover the latest gear that seamlessly blends style and comfort. Our cycling pants and jerseys move with you, offering a sleek look that feels great when riding or relaxing. Check out the variety of cycling clothes for women and men that can suit any style.

Stay cool with breathable cycling apparel

Comfort is key for long bike rides. Our cycling apparel features breathable fabrics that wick moisture away and promote airflow, keeping you dry, cool, and focused on your ride, even on scorching hot days. Pair your new clothes with the perfect bike accessories for an unforgettable ride.

Get a custom, personalized fit

We understand the importance of a perfect fit. That's why Decathlon offers cycling clothes tailored to your exact measurements and preferences. From custom-sized cycling shoes to uniquely styled jerseys, you can get the best fit for your cycling adventures. Discover our range of bikes and accessories to complete your cycling setup.