Cycling Clothing

 About Our Bike Clothing Collection

At Decathlon, we have many in-house cycling brands, each one geared exclusively to meet your needs whether you're riding on the road, in the mountains, or maneuvering through the forest. 

Cycling Gear

No cyclist would be complete without their own set of cycling gear. We have the perfect jackets for your trips out in the elements, rain or shine. They feature pockets, too, so you can store your belongings without them getting in the way!  For intense rides, we provide sets of bike tights and jerseys to keep you cool on even your most demanding travels. Riding in the dark? Pick one of our bright, highly reflective designs to keep you safe while on the road at night.

Cycling Accessories

Decathlon also designs bike shorts and bike tights to ensure that your trip is comfortable from start to finish, with many sporting a built-in cushion at the seat and moisture wicking technology so you can keep going on your most enduring trips. If you’re traveling through harsh showers, bring along our rain overalls and ponchos that’ll keep you dry and warm along with our gloves, hats, and other accessories.Don’t forget your helmet so you can stay safe and protected wherever you find yourself, whatever the weather. Once you're done, keep your bike secure on a bike rack so it’s ready for your next go!

Mountain Bikes

Our Rockrider mountain bikes are designed to be tough and strong while staying safe and comfortable no matter the terrain. Efficient, responsive, and powerful, these bikes are made to handle difficult trails on rough winding paths.

Urban Bikes

Our Elops urban bikes combine comfort and control for your commute to work or your more leisurely rides through the park, to the beach, or around town. If you’re looking for something more powerful, our lightweight Van Rysel and Triban road bikes and gravel bikes offer additional features for your short- and long-distance rides. Come see why Bikeradar called our RC500a comfortable and efficient ride for a seriously good price”. Want the best of both worlds? Our Riverside hybrid bikes bring you power without sacrificing comfort, perfect for whatever life throws at you.

Folding Bikes & Electric Bikes

If you’re always on the go but tight on space, our Btwin folding bikes are perfect for your commute and your apartment. Complete each leg of your journey with a versatile bike that is there when you need it and folds away when you don’t. We also have electric bikes that get you where you need to go without breaking a sweat. Whether on a tough road or ascending a big hill, these bikes will make sure you arrive at your destination no matter your skill level. 

Kids Bikes

If you’re teaching your kids to ride with you, we have a collection of kids' bikes that are perfect for learning at any age. Too young to ride? We’ve got you covered: you can safely attach a bike seat to keep your little kids in tow! Learn how. A bike is the perfect tool for your everyday life, whether you ride for fun, for exercise, for work, or for your next race. Once you’ve found the perfect bike, refer to our step-by-step Assembly Guide for easy setup.