Gravel Bikes

Discover versatile gravel bikes for all terrains

Gravel bikes are perfect for navigating both paved roads and gravel paths. Featuring wider tires, stable geometry, and disc brakes, gravel bikes are built for long-distance adventures and off-road explorations. Explore Decathlon’s selection of gravel bikes for your next outdoor adventure, and enjoy a smooth ride on rough terrain.

Embrace the gravel biking trend

Gravel biking offers the best of both road and mountain biking. Wider tires and durable frames help gravel bikes excel on off-road trails and dirt roads. Boost your cycling confidence on gravel rides with a top-quality Decathlon bike built for anyone at any riding level.

Great choices for women and men

Whether you're venturing onto paved roads or dirt trails, Decathlon offers a variety of men’s and women’s gravel bikes. Our bikes feature sturdy frames, reliable disc brakes, and versatile tires to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride in any condition. Pair your bike with the right gear, such as cycling clothes, for the best experience.

Stay safe with quality helmets

Protect yourself on every ride with a high-quality helmet from Decathlon. Essential for preventing head injuries, our helmets come in various sizes, styles, and colors to match your needs. Find the perfect helmet to complement your gravel bike and ride safely on your next bikepacking adventure, even when the terrain gets rough.

Gravel bikes versus road bikes

Gravel bikes, with their wider tires and comfortable geometry, are perfect for tackling unpaved roads and long rides. They offer more stability and efficiency than traditional road bike, making them ideal for diverse terrain. Discover the smooth ride of gravel tires and wheels, even on rough surfaces. For the ultimate experience, consider a lightweight carbon gravel bike.