Men's Shorts

Men's Shorts

About Our Men's Shorts Collection

Going hiking in the summer? Spending some time golfing on the green? Prepping for your next marathon or your next big soccer tournament? Looking to do yoga or even just chill? Whatever your sport, Decathlon’s got you covered. We have activewear that moves with you and won’t hold you back when you want to keep going. 


Kalenji brand is here to get you started on your journey and reach your goals. Kalenji shorts are made for new runners and marathon enthusiasts, featuring moisture wicking technology and quick-dry fabric so you can stay on the move. They also include a pocket for storing your small items like keys. Kalenji also designs running shoes for trails, roads, and tracks and apparel. Many of our shoes feature K-Rings, a Kalenji technology that improves cushioning at the rear and spreads the shock wave in order to effectively protect your body!


Quechua is our in-house hiking & camping brand, with a design center in Mont-Blanc, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products. Our Quechua shorts ensure flexible movement so you don’t feel constrained in the wilderness. They’re made lightweight so they don’t weigh you down on your travels and they dry quickly when you sweat.Quechua also has an extensive line of hiking clothing and footwear, including hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, hiking pants, and more.


Domyos, our gym and yoga brand, designs moisture wicking and breathable shorts for while you’re active at the gym or yoga studio. They’re flexible and move with every form and shape so you can pull off the perfect pose and maintain correct form while at the rack. Some feature secure pockets to keep your keys or phone safe while you move.

It doesn’t stop there. We have shorts for all kinds of sports, including tennis and team sports. Whatever your goals are, we’ll follow you to the finish line.