Camping Tents (4-6 Person)

Camping Tents (4-6 Person)

 About Our Camping Tents (4-6 Person) Collection

Quechua is our in-house hiking & camping brand, with a design center in Mont-Blanc, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products such as the “2 Second” pop up tent

All Weather Condition Tents

Our tents are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, be it rain, snow, or sun. They are made of waterproof materials to ensure that you have shelter in the event of a surprise shower, and they feature our blackout technology that keeps the interior dark and cool for a great sleep before heading out for the day. Our tents also offer heat resistance, allowing you to stay comfortable in your tent even in the middle of summer.

2-3 Person Tents

We have a wide variety of tent sizes to suit your needs. Tents for 2 to 3 people and even large and family tents so that you don’t have to leave anyone out on your next trip. They all fold away nicely and fit in your car easily, perfect for when you hit the road for your next adventure!

Hiking Apparel & Shoes

Quechua also has an extensive line of hiking clothing and footwear to make your excursion in the outdoors safe, fun, and fulfilling without sacrificing any comfort. Fully geared-up and ready to go, you and your tent will be fully kitted out to brave nature as it was intended. Our range of hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, hiking pants, and more will help you make the most of your trip and experience the whole world without a hitch!

Hiking Equipment

In addition to camping tents, Quechua carries everything you need to set up camp, including cookware such as camping stoves, furniture like camping chairs and tables, camping showers, safety equipment and camping lanterns, and more.