Hiking Backpacks

Premium hiking backpacks for every adventure

Make your next hiking adventure a success with our premium hiking backpacks. Each backpack is designed to offer ample storage, comfort, and convenience on even the most challenging trails. Perfect for both day hikes and multi-day excursions, Decathlon hiking backpacks cater to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Advanced design for superior performance

Our backpacks incorporate advanced technology for unmatched performance on the trails. Constructed with abrasion-resistant and waterproof materials, each backpack can endure the harshest conditions. Adjustable straps and breathable materials guarantee a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Carry your gear with ease, no matter how difficult the trail gets.

Stay organized with Decathlon backpacks

Multiple compartments and pockets can easily store essentials like sunglasses, clothes, and a first aid kit. Many of our backpacks also feature hydration bladder compatibility, making you prepared for any trail. You have many meticulously-designed pockets available to keep essential gear handy and manage weight efficiently.

Durability you can rely on

When you buy a Decathlon backpack, you’re investing in durability and long-lasting value. Crafted with sturdy polyester and water-resistant coatings, each backpack can last for years, withstanding the rigors of any challenging hike. Need something a bit bigger? Our versatile duffle bags or travel backpacks are made with the same tough, durable materials.

Customizable fit for maximum comfort

Available in various shapes and sizes, Decathlon backpacks feature adjustable straps and hip belts for a tailored fit every time. Whether you need a small hiking backpack for short trips or a backpacking pack for extended treks, our designs offer optimal comfort using padded shoulder straps and back panels. You can distribute weight evenly and enjoy your hike with less strain, thanks to our ergonomic design.