Merino Wool Clothes

Merino Wool Clothes

About Our Merino Wool Clothes Collection

So what is Merino wool, exactly? Merino wool is a comfortable and lightweight wool that keeps you warm in cold weather, by trapping heat, and cool in hot weather, thanks to its moisture wicking properties. 

What makes it so special compared to regular wool? Merino wool is 3 times thinner than traditional wool and doesn’t stick to the skin, making it perfect for sweaters, t-shirts, and base layers. Proteins present in Merino wool hinders the development of bacteria that create foul odors from your sweat. 

Additionally, Merino wool traps body heat, even when wet. When hiking in unpredictable weather, it is essential to stay warm. This material will keep you warm while you head back to camp and pick up your favorite hiking jacket. That’s why Merino wool is the perfect material for socks, hats, and gloves as well as tops and bottoms.

Hiking in the summer? Wool is an extremely hydrophilic fiber which means that it absorbs water easily and quickly. It is estimated that it can absorb between 20% and 35% of its own weight before feeling an uncomfortable damp effect. It still releases a little heat when damp, however the reverse effect takes place when it comes into contact with warm and dry air!

We ethically source all of our merino wool. Our supply comes exclusively from a livestock farm in South Africa where the livestock live in good conditions and the practice of mulesing is prohibited. This means that you can feel good when you purchase your Merino wool from Decathlon.

We have Merino wool gear for men, women, and kids!