Snow Boots

Snow Boots

About Our Snow Boots Collection

Our in-house hiking & camping brand, Quechua, designs and develops hiking footwear to ensure your outdoor excursions are safe and fun, without sacrificing any comfort–even in the snow! The Quechua design center is located in Mont-Blanc, France, allowing our designers to be close to the end-user and test new products in the field. 

Snow Boot Features

Our snow boots are warm and waterproof, perfect for all of your winter outings. All winter boots are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature both when stationary and active, and are waterproof to keep your feet dry. They're also equipped with special technology that improves traction, with studs that increase grip even in snow. The top collar helps prevent the entry of snow without limiting breathability, so you can keep going without breaks. 

Snow Hiking Apparel

We don’t just make snow boots; we have snow gear–for men, women, and kids–to keep you cozy all over. Hiking pants, jackets, and backpacks have been engineered for your next adventure in the snow. 

All of Your Outdoor Needs

No matter what your outdoor needs are, we’ve got you covered. That’s why our products are called amongst the best in the world!