Bike Inner Tubes & Bike Pumps

Reliable bike tubes for every ride

Protect your bike tires from punctures and leaks with Decathlon’s high-quality bike tubes. Whether you're tackling road, mountain, or trail paths, our bike inner tubes offer robust support, always keeping your tires ready for the journey ahead. Find the best tube size for optimal performance.

Durable tubes and valves for long-term use

Our bike tubes are designed for cyclists of all levels. Made from premium materials, these inner tubes are easy to inflate and provide superior tire protection. Our standard tubes come in various widths and valve types, including the popular Presta valve for a hassle-free ride.

Premium bike pumps for quick inflation

Keep your bike tires perfectly inflated with our efficient bike tire pumps. Each bike pump is designed for quick and easy inflation, so you can spend more time cycling and less time fixing flat tires. Pair with our Presta valve tubes for best results.

Convenient and user-friendly valves

Decathlon bike valves make tire inflation a breeze. Designed to prevent air leaks, these valves fit various wheel sizes, giving you a secure and efficient inflation process. Keep your ride smooth with a Presta valve and efficient bike tire pumps.

Quality bike accessories to enhance your cycling experience

Decathlon has everything you need for a premium cycling experience. From durable bike tubes and valves to top-of-the-line bike pumps, you’ll find the cycling gear to keep your bike in peak condition. Explore Decathlon’s wide range of bike accessories to make every ride smooth, safe, and enjoyable.