Travel Backpacks

Discover top-quality travel backpacks

Embark on your next journey with our top-of-the-line travel backpacks, designed for adventurers of all kinds. Combining style and functionality, Decathlon backpacks guarantee you’re always well-prepared for the road ahead. Whether you’re exploring national parks or navigating city streets, our travel backpacks will be your perfect companion. Choose from a wide selection to meet any travel need.

Unmatched durability and versatility

Our travel backpacks are crafted from durable yet lightweight materials, ideal for any adventure. Thanks to waterproof fabrics, your belongings are protected from the elements. Ergonomic straps and back padding provide superior comfort during long treks, while spacious compartments and specialized pockets provide easy organization and convenience. A large capacity can accommodate everything for your weekend trips. This is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear collection.

Stylish and functional designs

Stand out with our stylish travel backpacks — without compromising functionality. Choose from sleek designs and sophisticated colors that suit both urban and natural settings. Express your individuality with a hiking backpack that complements your style while providing the practicality you need. Many of our backpacks also feature dedicated laptop compartments for added convenience. 

Safety-first travel 

Prioritize your safety with backpacking packs that feature concealed zippers and hidden pockets. These seamlessly designed anti-theft compartments protect your valuables from pickpockets, giving you peace of mind as you explore.

Effortless organization for every journey

Easily access your essentials — from passports to water bottles — to keep your travel experience hassle-free. Enjoy every moment of your adventure with a travel backpack that keeps you tidy. Want even more convenience? Our backpack accessories make organizing your outdoor gear simple and efficient.