Mountain Bikes


About Mountain bikes

Decathlon’s Rockrider mountain bikes are designed to be tough and strong while staying safe and comfortable, no matter the terrain. Efficient, responsive, and powerful, these bikes are made to handle difficult trails on rough winding paths.

A variety of styles, sizes, and tech

Trekking through difficult turf? Our specialized mountain bikes provide the suspension you need to tackle your next adventure head on, with our ST530 providing full suspension support for your most demanding rides. 

Our range of bikes are suitable for men and women, and we have a special line of kids’ mountain bikes so that you can introduce your whole family to the exhilaration at any age in total safety and security. Make sure you come equipped: Decathlon bike helmets that can handle scrapes and falls on demanding trails. 

Complete your kit

We know the importance of taking care of your equipment before and after your outings. That’s why we create our own bike maintenance products that keep up with your Rockrider and all its needs. We also create our own cycling accessories so you can be fully kitted out before your trip. Whether you’re trying to champion a mountain or descend from steep slopes, we’ll be there with you on the uphill and downhill and for everything in between.