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Van Rysel RCR Force AXS Road Bike

Sale price: $6,999.00 Regular price:

Born from a love of aero bikes and developed with bleeding-edge technology and materials, the RCR Force is Grand Tour DNA for the masses.

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Sale price: $6,999.00 Regular price:

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About this item:

  • Aerodynamic Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Co-designed with ONERA Aerospace
  • SRAM Force AXS with Powermeter
  • Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Wheels
Model: 8830705

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Product Features

Van Rysel RCR Force AXS Road Bike | Created in the wind tunnel and perfected on the road, the Van Rysel RCR Force AXS delivers elite level speed in any conditions.

Born from a love of aero bikes and developed with bleeding-edge technology and materials, the RCR Force is Grand Tour DNA for the masses.

A photo of the Van Rysel RCR Force AXS Road Bike in use
A photo of the Van Rysel RCR Force AXS Road Bike in use

Aero Carbon Frame

RCR Carbon co-developed with ONERA and validated in the wind tunnel

Wireless Shifting

Responsive SRAM Force eTap AXS Black shifters for a strikingly clean look

Road-Ready Performance

Lightweight SRAM Force Black cranks paired with a Quarq power meter and 12 speed 10-33 Force cassette

Powerful Stopping Power

Stay in control at speed with the SRAM Force Disc Brakes and 160mm rotors

Precise Gear Changes

Silently shifting SRAM Force AXS rear derailleur for immediate gear changes

Pro-Proven Speed

Experience lightweight stiffness with the ZIPP 404 Firecrest Carbon wheelset

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Questions & Answers

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Question on sizing. I'm 5'10" with long legs, and usually ride a Large, or 56 frame. I can't decide between a M or L for the RCR?


Medium for sure - as they run big the Medium is actually has a 55.5 Top Tube, the large is 57.5. one of my co-workers who is 5'11'' and even on torso vs legs and rides a medium

By Thierry on Apr 30, 2024 | STAFF


How many teeth is the crankset in size XS?


The crankset has 2 chainrings - the large one is 48th and the smaller chainring is 35 tooth.

By Thierry on May 7, 2024 | STAFF


i am a 5,9 , i use to have a 56 in other bikes , what size would be in this case recommedable ?


I would receomend a Medium - They have a 55.5 Top tube, so they can run a bit large

By Thierry on May 16, 2024 | STAFF

Product Customer Reviews

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47 Reviews
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Van Rysel RCR Force AXS Road Bike, snow white Image 1 of 1
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excellent bike very good value for money

Bike delivered mid-May 2024. Very dynamic and lively aero bike. Good recovery quality. Also pleasant in the mountains. Very beautiful and overall aesthetic. But a big downside is the quality of the matte paint finish which is more than imperfect in certain places. Is it my copy that is only affected or is this problem found throughout the entire production or is this a problem on a manufacturing batch. In any case, this is not acceptable on a 5000 euro bike.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

1/ Commissioning the bike. I read a lot of dissatisfied comments. For my part, the delivery of the bike went very well at the Vitrolles decathlon. I came across a passionate team. They switched my wheels to tubeless the same day following my request. Top 2/ Cycling after 500 km. In summary on flat to hilly sections it is ultra-efficient, it's a delight I maintain incredible speeds. On the mounted, it goes very well, the wheels are not handicapping, and the gear allows you to go everywhere. In short, I do not regret my purchase

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Top bike RCR

Fantastic bike, handles great, accelerates like a charm, shifts perfectly, price, quality, unbeatable. Had good explanation and service at Decathlon Turnhout. In short, it is recommended to buy the bicycle there.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
INFERNAL after-sales service on a good bike

Overall satisfied with the bike not the after-sales service. The design is good, the frame offers a very good stiffness/comfort ratio. From the first pedal strokes, you can feel that the bottom bracket – rear triangle “block” is working well. The raises are sharp if you put the watts into it. Good ability to maintain a high speed, and to pass small bumps with strength while keeping the gas. The Sram Force electronic group does the job completely and we appreciate the scope of development available. In terms of driving, it took me a little longer to adapt. I was used to a more “direct” bike and more on a rail. I don't know if I should put this feeling down to a slightly longer wheelbase and a more "lean" steering angle. We have a bike that is perhaps a little more permissive in the sense that it seems easier to shorten a curve radius or the opposite. The - of the bike: 1/There are no spacers available to lower the cockpit and replace a spacer between the hood and the stem. The hood has a specific beveled teardrop shape that makes adaptation impossible. This means that if you want to lower your cockpit, you must cut the fork tube and going back is impossible... it is better to have already taken the time to experiment on another bike. This also complicates a potential resale. 2/ The seat tube clamping system tends to “rise” when tightened, and does not stay in its location very clearly. And if like me you travel with your bike in a cover with the seat tube removed, plan to buy a good pot of carbon assembly paste; you have to add more each time if you want to keep your settings for more than 30 minutes. Finally the big black point and the reason for this very mixed opinion 2: THE SCANDAL SUPPORT During my first rainy outing, I understood that something was wrong with my Zipp 404 Firecrest rear wheel: it was taking on water , but like really huh. The water is blocked in the double wall of the rim and exits through the spoke heads. After drying I have a noise in the rim, a little thing is wandering around there: the counterweight of the valve is no longer in its location, all this moving water has separated it from the rim! Passage to the Decathlon CNIT La Défense on 04/18, Titian and Killlian noted the defect and issued me a good after-sales service (3136314408), and told me that Christophe was going to order a new wheel and value it in after-sales service... when without news, I calls Christophe, he tells me that he has “written” to the product manager… and that he is waiting for answers. I'm waiting for a wheel! This has been going on for 3 months! I've been riding my old Bontragers for 3 months! Disgusted. In short, a good bike with disastrous service…

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Components ok. Quality of assembly - disqualification.

The bike looks beautiful "on paper". High-quality components, consistent design, aesthetically fine. Good price. These are pluses. So what if the bike comes in an open, damaged box that does not fit the premium product (until the FedEx courier himself offered to mark the damage to the packaging in his system). This is the first "grind". The second one is much worse. When trying to adjust the front brake caliper (after inserting the wheel, it turns out that the disc is rubbing against the pads), it turns out that one of the screws securing the caliper is seized and cannot be unscrewed or screwed in. There is no grease (or assembly paste) on most threads, everything is dry. Front derailleur mounted too close to the large chainring (against SRAM recommendations). The bike was returned without any problems (Decathlon PL service was nice, helpful and friendly), but the distaste and loss of trust in the Decathlon FR brand remained. If Decathlon FR cannot ensure sufficient quality of assembly, maybe sell premium bikes as a set of parts + frameset for your own assembly? There will be fewer returns.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

excellent bike, excellent value for money. fast, stiff but still comfortable!

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Everything fine

Good bang for the buck

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
A defective component which ultimately costs me €700

Very disappointed with the Van Rysel/Decathlon support. Quick summary of the facts: - I receive my RCR Force AXS (€5000) assembled which I will pick up from Décathlon Paris Aquaboulevard - I arrive home and put all the components into service (the 2 electric derailleurs and the power sensor) - To put the power sensor into operation, you must unscrew a round tip, remove the insert below the battery and reassemble everything - When unscrewing the round tip of the power sensor, it is impossible to unscrew it, it is stuck. I still manage to move the whole thing by hand so I have the impression that I can unscrew it, but in fact it's the entire part that I'm removing without knowing it! So I take a tool to unscrew it, thinking that it's normal for it to be well screwed because it's new, and the whole part ends up unscrewing but not just the tip - Thinking that this is not normal so I go to Decathlon Paris Aquaboulevard. For 2 hours they also tried to unscrew the tip and ended up removing the part completely, without being able to unscrew it. Except that no one knew, but damaged part = you have to change the entire crankset including the power sensor, according to SRAM, which does not sell the simple spare part - The workshop then initiates an after-sales service procedure (thanks to Hugo and Paul from the workshop for having spent so much time there), where they call the Regional Workshop (which does not know), SRAM (which does not want to take charge), then the Van Rysel brand, which finally decides the next day not to take charge Result: I find myself with a €5000 bike which had a defective part at the start (confirmed by the workshop which never managed to unscrew it), with a brand which does not want to know anything, who stupidly applies the instructions of his SRAM supplier while everyone sees that there is a problem at the start. So they let me go back into the wild with my defective bike, without offering me any solution. The part costs €650 + €50 labor = €700, I will have to pay it out of my own pocket if I want to have a 100% functional bike. Really not up to par for a brand that wants to move upmarket but doesn't have the after-sales service that follows. It's a real shame because the products are beautiful, and I saved a long time to afford this bike. I am disgusted. At Van Rysel if you have a problem, it's for you. This is my 2nd Van Rysel, and it will be my last, as long as the service is not up to par. Thank you to L’atelier Paris Aquaboulevard for their help and patience. They did what they could.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase

A stiff, fast and relatively light bike. You are buying for almost the price of the components themselves. So, if there are no technical glitches and the like, it's a great bike and I can recommend it. The SRAM Force AXS shifts slightly less accurately compared to the Di2 Ultegra, but that's a very nit-picky comparison. 28 can also be used on Czech tanks, but overall it requires a high-quality surface. Of course, it's not the most comfortable geometry, but it has to be taken into account by those who want to swallow hundreds of km on every ride, no matter what they choose in the endurance category.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Very poor quality

The bike is cheap – in every respect. The built quality was extremely poor, be prepared to rework and control everything. My bike had an issue with the seat post (squeeking, imho due to not fitting tolerances of seagoing and frame), which could not be fixed by Decathlon. I have been to a Decathlon shop 4 times - super nice people, not well trained for the new road bikes. The bike was shipped somewhere, those people didn't even work on 2 issues. The front brake had issues (a screw was defect, obviously no quality control here). The bottom bracket wasn't mounted right. So, this purchase was a total disaster and so was the bike. Although the price is very competitive and saves you maybe 1500€ - ask yourself whether this is worth it. Maybe you are lucky and get a good one. Imho the bike isn't worth the money. Decathlon took my bike back and refunded the money without any issues. PS: cleaning this bike is terrible. The surface of the frame needs a lot of attention.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Very good bike but...

Top notch bike. Really nothing to say about the bike and its equipment. Unbeatable value for money. I hesitated before ordering it from Decathlon after-sales service and my doubts were quickly confirmed. It was given to me at Decathlon Montélimar as a simple accessory without suggested adjustments, nor any information, the stickers not removed and grease everywhere. Then to have the brake pads checked and perhaps changed, Decathlon Aubenas offered me nothing other than sending the bike to a workshop I don't know where without the possibility of knowing how long it would take to get it back. It's just brake pads with maybe a bleeder, so I refused. Then finally looking for tubeless tires I didn't find any in the Decathlon stores in Aubenas, Vienne and Beynost. If Decathlon wants to position itself on the high-end market with passionate users, it will have to change its policy. It's a great bike but for these reasons I don't think I'll repeat the experience when changing this one.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
In response

Thank you for your response, as requested from you here is my feedback: No, the cycle department team did not find solutions to the problem observed. We therefore issued a refund. Since there is no stock, I am still waiting to recommend a bike. Nor did anyone offer to replace the old one with a new one.

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Racing and comfortable

Excellent bicycle, aerodynamic, light and very smooth. Racing geometry (greater than average reach) but surprisingly comfortable even after several hours of pedaling, also thanks to the generous tubeless covers which excellently dampen vibrations and roughness of the terrain. Always stable and well manageable even in strong side winds. Very attractive racing aesthetics. Overall very satisfied with the purchase, quality/price ratio difficult to match.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Very responsive rigid bike,…

Very responsive, and comfortable rigid bike for a rather aero bike, very well equipped. The Force transmission is a real treat, the 404 Firecrests are efficient, their profile is a little high for my use, hilly and mountainous, the side wind grip on descents "even if low given the height 58" requires a lower profile. In short, very satisfied with my purchase.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
A real flying carpet

Hello I have just returned from a triathlon course carried out in Vaison La Romaine near Mont Ventoux and I will tell you that in one word a DYNAMITE It responds immediately it is rigid as it should be comfortable once the saddle is well adjusted I climbed the Ventoux by Bédoin without any problem at a regular pace without getting into the red I was a little afraid of being stuck with the 60 mm wheels but ultimately it progresses on its own. So I drove more than 400km in a week and it was a real pleasure For those who are still hesitant, don't wait any longer Best value for money performance I'm leaving tomorrow for a 300km with complete confidence I'm thinking of strengthening myself muscularly to taste the maximum capabilities of this machine Another big thank you to Landry and Johan for their availability and kindness of Décathlon Bessoncourt

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Additional Product Information


Frame (for bike): 100.0% Carbon

The rcr range

Made for winning races. The RCR lineup uses an aerodynamic frame that has been refined by aerospace engineers to make you as efficient as possible on epic climbs, leading out the peloton, and sprinting for the finish line. These no-compromise bikes have performance-focused builds that share the same DNA for every rider, from first-time Gran Fondo entries through to the pros on the Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale Team at the Grand Tours.

What's the difference between the rcr and the rcr pro frame?

Carbon road bike frames are defined by two main factors; geometry and carbon layup. The RCR and RCR Pro share the same geometry, that means you’ll be in the exact same position on your RCR bike as the elite riders will be in on their RCR Pro bikes at the Tour de France. The difference is in the layup. The RCR uses high-modulus fibers while the RCR Pro uses a more complex process that improves the overall stiffness of the frame in the world's fastest races.

Beautifully lightweight frame

The RCR frame manages to squeeze performance and efficiency into a lightweight package that tips the scales at 1.82 lbs in a size Medium. Go for the RCR Pro and drop down to a brilliantly light 1.74 lbs, with still enough tire clearance for 33mm tires. Add in the carbon fork that weighs only 13.4 oz and you’ve got a fantastically light bike that’s made for charging up mountain passes.

Always in control cockpit

Hold the fastest line around bends and pick your way through the peloton with the integrated and size-specific cockpit. The Deda x Van Rysel Superbox EVO stem and Deda Superzero RS carbon bars help dampen feedback from the road. XS bikes come with an 80mm stem and 400mm bars. S bikes have a 90 mm stem and 400 mm bars. M bikes are fitted with a 100 mm stem and 420mm bars. L frames come with a 110mm stem and 420mm. While the XL models are finished with a 120mm stem and 440 mm bars.

Sram force groupset and quarq power meter

Once you experience an electronic groupset, you’ll never want anything else. The SRAM Force Black eTap AXS groupset keeps your bike feeling incredibly snappy and responsive. Know exactly how hard you’re working and track your training progress with the Quarq power meter that attaches to the crankset and links to the SRAM AXS app. The whole groupset tips the scales at just under 6 lbs to help keep the overall weight of the RCR Force as low as possible without compromising on performance.

Sram force drivetrain in detail

Shifter: Force Black eTap AXS D2Front derailleur: Force Black eTap AXS D2Rear derailleur: Force Black eTap AXS D2 MAX 36TCassette: Force XG 1270 D1 10-33Chainset: Force Black D2 DUB PM 48/35TCrank length by size XS/S: 170mm M: 172.5mm L/XL: 175 mmSRAM Force chain

Fast rolling carbon wheels

Made for pure speed, the ZIPP 404 Firecrest Carbon wheelset is an aerodynamic wheelset that uses clever design choices to cut through the air effortlessly. 58mm deep, 23mm wide and with a ZR1 DB hub with 66 points of engagement, these carbon wheels are perfect for putting the power down on your next ride. Laced with a set of Michelin Power Cup tires, you’ll be breaking your personal records in no time.

Powerful sram force disc brakes

Combining 160mm front and rear rotors with powerful modulation and excellent control, make the SRAM Force disc brakes an incredibly popular choice for road cyclists. With tactile brake levers that make one-finger braking easy and powerful hydraulic brake pistons give you control when you need them.

5 year guarantee

Our carbon frames and forks come with a 5-year warranty, so you can ride without worry for years to come.


Our carbon frames and forks come with a 5-year warranty.



Ca warning

California Prop65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known by the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


Size Guide Visual

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