How We Deliver High-Quality Gear at Affordable Prices

How We Deliver High-Quality Gear at Affordable Prices

Discover how we do it at Decathlon!

At Decathlon, we're 100% dedicated to optimizing costs for every sport user so we can offer you quality products at the lowest price. This way, sports can be accessible to everyone.

decathlon arpenaz 10LOur commitments are reflected in our product design, like our Arpenaz 10 liter backpack - a best-seller since 2008. Reducing the number of stitching panels from 21 to 8 means less material used on fewer assembly lines, and more articles that can fit or ship into each carton. Drastically reducing packaging and waste has the double benefit of keeping cost down for our customers while reducing environmental impact.


In 2015, Quechua's Arpenaz 10L backpack was reduced from $4.90 to $3.49 afterarpenaz 10 test an innovative redesign process made it easier to manufacture and reduced material usage, resulting in lowered transport costs. With thorough product design and material selection, we provide a promise of quality in the Arpenaz 10L backpack, guaranteeing it for 10 years. Our backpacks undergo various comprehensive tests: field tests conducted by users and product engineers, as well as lab tests to ensure lasting product durability. These tests evaluate the seam and assembly strength of your bag, attesting to product reliability and validating quality built to last through all your future adventures. 

Our packs are designed with materials selected for their technical qualities, then measured on several factors. For example, environmental impact is systematically calculated so we can continue to minimize our footprint within the fabrics selected. Every material is tested one-by-one then recorded internally, measuring long-term results and environmental friendliness so we can "score" materials and guarantee reliability.

We design and develop products created for mountain sports at Decathlon Group's international center in France. A team of fifteen engineers, garment makers, and designers work year-round to design backpacks of future collections based primarily on one key criterion: the needs and desires of avid hikers.

decathlon arpenaz hikers

That's why we test our bags with experienced hikers on the trails around Mont Blanc. Our product development process integrates hands-on hiking experiences and follows the input of different users. These tests allow us to check the comfort and practicality of the bags during excursions of varying lengths, while collecting live feedback on the products. Designers and engineers are able to interact directly with hikers, as well as collect observations so they can continue to innovate for you. 

Pick out your backpack Arpenaz 10L and embrace the great outdoors! It's never been more accessible, especially with a free Redwoods pass.


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