Can a duffel bag be a carry on?

Can a duffel bag be a carry on?

Can a duffel bag be a carry on?

Can I carry my duffel bag onto the plane? (And other questions you have about duffel bags)
Published: May 15, 2024
Published: May 15, 2024

When it comes to packing for travel, nothing beats the versatility and convenience of a duffel bag. But many travelers still wonder whether a duffel bag can count as a carry-on option for their flights. In a nutshell? Yes, a duffel bag can indeed be carry-on, but we have a few recommendations to help you get the most flexibility and storage space as you travel.

What are airline carry-on requirements for duffel bags?

Most airlines use the standard size limit of 22 in × 14 in × 9 in (56 cm × 36 cm × 23 cm) — including wheels and handles — although this may vary by airline. We recommend double-checking the limit before your flight. Trains have different restrictions. For example, Amtrak allows two carry-ons that are each 28 in × 22 in × 14 in (72 cm × 56 cm × 36 cm) maximum.

Whatever mode of transportation you’re taking, however, it’s important to find the best-possible duffel bag that suits you.

What should I look for in a good duffel bag?

Size, weight, and functionality are key factors to consider. In addition to meeting travel regulations, your duffel bag should feature sturdy construction, reinforced seams, strong straps, and durable materials to withstand your adventure. Your duffel bag shouldn’t object to being thrown around a bit.

Also, an often-overlooked characteristic of a good duffel bag is organization. Choose a duffel bag with multiple compartments, pockets, and dividers to neatly sort your belongings and easily access them during your journey. If possible, choose a duffel bag that doubles as a backpack, so you can comfortably adapt to any travel situation.

Which Decathlon duffel bags are the best?

Our top pick is the Forclaz 500 Extend 40-60L Duffel Bag, a spacious and lightweight option that meets most airline carry-on size restrictions. Compact but still tough, this Forclaz duffel bag is perfect for short trips or weekend getaways. You can even wear it as a backpack onto the plane.

If you don’t have any airline size restrictions to worry about, and you just want a high-quality powerhouse duffel bag, look no further than the Forclaz Transport 900 Extend 80-120 L Duffel Bag. It’s roomy, rainproof, and even has a movable strap that can be used for internal compression or as a waist belt.

Ready to embark?

That’s not all! You can explore Decathlon’s entire collection of duffel bags here — and you might even snag a clearance deal. Remember, whether you're adventuring by plane or train, your duffel bag should be your tough travel buddy — not afraid of a little abuse, and always ready to give you what you need.

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