How to Choose the Right Bike Helmet

A bike helmet is an invaluable tool that is worn to maintain safety while riding. You should choose the best bike helmet based on usage and head size. When cycling, your helmet is an absolute must for safety. Particularly so for mountain bikers tackling rugged terrain! Picking the best one could save your life!

How to Choose the Right Bike Helmet


Helmet Based on Usage

There are different kinds of helmet depending on the kind of cycling you do: city, countryside, all-terrain, or road. Each discipline has its own kind of helmet.

All helmets comply with the same safety requirements to guarantee the same level of protection.

City or hybrid bike helmets - Can be stored in a basket or on your handlebars as it is likely to be made from ABS, a sturdy plastic that means the helmet can be used often. Certain helmets also have a place for attaching a VIOO Clip, a small light that shows other road users where you are.

Road bike helmets - Will be lighter, well ventilated, and well fitted. The very best helmets are the ones with the best balance of these three criteria (the helmet may be slightly lighter if it doesn't have many options for holding it in place). The number of vents isn't the only factor to take into account: they also need to be carefully located

Kids' helmets - For kids who bike, kid helmets will be suitable for all children up to the age of about nine. Starting from the age of 10, an adult helmet may be needed.

Cycling helmets for kids aged 1 to 3 are more compact and shorter at the back, which makes them more suitable for child seats. This type of helmet can also be used by children riding a balance bike.

From 3 to 9 years, kids' helmets resemble adult helmets. It's best to get a helmet with an adjustment wheel at the back so that you can achieve the best possible fit on your child's head.

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