What is a puffer jacket

What is a puffer jacket

What’s a puffer jacket (and why should I get one)?

Published: June, 2024
Published: June, 2024

You might have seen your local fashionista wearing a puffy, protective jacket covered with quilted pads. These so-called puffer jackets are more than a stylish trend, though. They’re a warm, comfortable hug whenever the temperature drops, whether you’re on the city street or high up in the mountains. Let’s dive into what a puffer jacket is, explore which materials you might like best, and explore our top picks from Decathlon.

What is a puffer jacket?

Also known as quilted or padded jackets, puffer jackets are a type of outerwear characterized by their padded construction and signature "puffy" appearance. Puffer jackets are stuffed liberally with insulation (typically down or synthetic fiber) for excellent protection in the cold.

Why do athletes and hikers love puffer jackets?

Lightweight and packable, some puffer jackets can be folded down into a backpack or duffel bag. So if the weather suddenly turns when you’re out training on the field or trekking through the trails, warmth and comfort are just a reach away. Puffer jackets are ideal for layering under a shell jacket or over a base layer, depending on conditions.

Synthetic vs. down puffer jackets

Let’s take a look at the key differences between synthetic and down insulation, so you can find the puffer jacket that suits your needs.

Synthetic Down

Filling material

Polyester fibers that mimic down

Natural down feathers from ducks or geese


Often more affordable than down jackets

Typically more expensive than synthetic jackets

Allergy sensitivity

Generally hypoallergenic

May cause allergies in some individuals

Insulation and moisture

Resistant to moisture; retains insulation when wet

May lose insulation properties when wet

Weight and packability

Slightly heavier and less compressible than down jackets

Incredibly lightweight and highly compressible

Suitable conditions

Suitable for wet or humid conditions

Ideal for cold, dry conditions

Care and maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain

May require special cleaning care and maintenance

Top puffer jackets from Decathlon

Forclaz Men's MT500 Down Puffer Jacket

Conquer the cold! This jacket delivers excellent warmth in 14°F weather, thanks to ethically-sourced RDS-certified down. Lightweight and packable, this jacket will keep you toasty — and looking your best.

Forclaz Women's MT100 Hooded Down Puffer Jacket

For comfort in temperatures down to 23°F, this lightweight jacket features ethically sourced-down and a water-resistant finish that keeps you warm. Stuck in a light rain? Keep your hair dry in the hood.

Pro tip: We recommend going a size up with this jacket as it follows European sizing.

Get tougher with puffer

Don't let the cold keep you from exploring! So hit the trails — or your local park. With a synthetic or down puffer jacket, you won’t be fazed by the weather. Check out Decathlon to browse our collection of rugged, comfortable puffer jackets. See you out there!

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