Self Inflating Camping Mattress

Self Inflating Camping Mattress

About Our Self Inflating Camping Mattresses

Going camping? Bringing a tent and setting up camp? Make sure you’re well-equipped for your adventure with our self-inflating camping mattresses. Decathlon’s Quechua brand designs these inflatable mattresses that are perfect for your excursion into the great outdoors. We design both double-sized and single-sized mattresses so you can get some quality downtime before your next big adventure.

Inflating and Deflating

Our self-inflating mattresses are easy to use. Simply open the valve to begin inflating, and close it when you’re done. They’re compact, lightweight, and come with a carry bag for easy storage. Once you arrive at your campsite, you can open the valve to let out the air and fully open the mattress. It’s that easy! Once you’re done, close the valve to prevent losing your precious air, and roll up the mattress to store it away until your next adventure.


Quechua is our in-house hiking & camping brand, with a design center in Mont-Blanc, France that researches and develops eco-friendly and innovative products, such as the “2 Seconds” pop up tent. Quechua also has an extensive line of hiking clothing and footwear, including hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, hiking pants, and more.