Who We Are: Atorka

Who We Are: Atorka

Atorka is the new Handball brand at DECATHLON.

We want to be there for every handball player, in professional clubs, pickup games, and everything in between. We're right there with you, whatever your level may be. Our aim is to share the passion of handball in a sustainable way while making it accessible to the highest number of people possible. This guides every choice we make. We want to share our biggest source of fulfillment and satisfaction sustainably across the entire world. Our heart beats handball.


Us and our design

At Decathlon, handball used to be relegated to just a few balls and an elbow pad; the rest was taken up by our partner brands. After observing and analyzing the needs of handball players, we launched Atorka. Our full range was developed by and for handball players in collaboration with product engineers, designs, partner handball clubs, and our research and development center. We've developed a unique range of equipment meant for beginners and professionals alike.

We pride ourselves in covering all the needs of handball players at the best price-quality value on the market

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