Meet Decathlon's Skating Brand, Oxelo

Meet Decathlon's Skating Brand, Oxelo

Oxelo was born in Decathlon's roller sports department in 2008, and quickly evolved into a brand covering inline skating, scootering and skateboarding. At Oxelo, our number one goal is to help skaters discover urban roller sports and "soft mobility" (eco-sustainable non-motorized transport).
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Oxelo is built to appeal to skaters of various cultures, from west coast beach vibes to the evolution of skate from east coast breakdancing scenes. With our entry to the USA, we hope to expand our vision to identify with every type of skater specific to their scene. Our main mission is to conceive and create innovative products that are affordable and easy to use for all skate styles out there. Our dream is to make it possible for everyone to reclaim their town by getting around more quickly and with a greater sense of pleasure.  We make it easy to enable and incorporate more exercise and fun into your daily commutes or errands. With wheels you can ride sustainably, in style, with freedom and independence to your own beat. 

Oxelo is not only the supplier of your first skateboard, scooter or pair of inline skates, we’re here for all your future skate adventures.  Our range of products allows passionate riders to find gear that meets their needs at the best value for money.  To get a snapshot of the innovation Oxelo designs for skaters, our Vulca 100 shoe is where function meets price with leather durability, a 100% rubber sole, double stitching, and stitch bonded sole - ideal for all skating styles. For skateboarders, we designed the Yamba, Yamba Big and Yamba Wood, which are flexible for every level: all made to be lightweight, highly maneuverable and available in variety of styles and colors.

oxelo San FranciscoOur teams, made up of skate enthusiasts themselves, are highly attentive to our users' needs and feedback, and thus continually reimagine, create and improve our product lines. We encourage you to provide feedback, dream up product visions and everything possibly imaginable so we can innovate for you. 

Creating satisfied riders is what we do, so come fly with us!




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