Who we are: Quechua and sustainable development

Who we are: Quechua and sustainable development
Our commitment to sustainable development
Corporate commitments   Environmental commitments
100% of our suppliers have been audited (classification 1) Design Sustainable materials and components (e.g. recycled materials)
Implementation of a code of conduct defining the minimum standards of fair, healthy, and safe working conditions along with anti-corruption oversight Production Implementation of a code of conduct to ensure minimum standards for environment management, the use of responsible materials, and the reduction of CO2 emissions
Transport 60% reduction in air shipments in favor of more sustainable rail and maritime transport (2017 & 2018)
Internal events to promote cohesion, unity, and motivation between Quechua teammates Sales Minimalist packaging and recycling hangers
Team hikes to unite staff; the usage of products focused on a human aspect Use The organization of hikes open to the public and collection of waste on paths found along the way
Product recycling The creation of a "second life" program to repair damaged products rather than throwing them away
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