5 Tips for Acclimating to Winter

5 Tips for Acclimating to Winter

Change it up!

It's not always easy to stay motivated during the winter. As cold weather moves in and the days grow shorter, laziness often takes precedence over long workouts. And honestly, we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to stay at home when the temperature starts dropping.

But we have good news: we have a solution that can get you moving, even at home! Whether you're more comfortable with a weight bench, cross trainer or small accessories, find we can set you up with some gear designed for getting back into shape on our website.

Getting in shape at home could be the change-up you need to get motivated in a whole new way and continue your fitness journey.

Recharge your batteries

Soak in the sun! Recharge your batteries with a little solar power: UV rays are an excellent way to keep your spirits up.

When the nights grow longer and the days shorter, your internal clock may have trouble keeping up. In addition to problems sleeping, your moods and concentration can also suffer.

So live it up during the time change by getting a head start! Why not take advantage of the beautiful autumn days before winter arrives? And when you can, breathe in some fresh air: if time permits, walk at least 30 minutes a day, during your lunch for example.

Exposing your body to natural light can regulate your internal clock while also helping you sleep.

Adjust your sleep schedule

Let's talk about sleep: when the sun sets earlier and rises later, we might be tempted to do the same! There's no doubt about it, winter is here.

And if you have trouble waking up, keep in mind that your body also needs time to adjust to this change of pace.

So how do you do it? Get into the habit of listening to your body, especially at night. The first signs of fatigue indicate that your body needs sleep.

And it's more than just a good reason to huddle down into your warm covers, it's also an opportunity to unwind mentally. Restful sleep plays an essential role in intellectual development.

One final tip for better sleep? Try to keep the temperature in your bedroom lower than 68 °F.

Laugh... really!

Not a fan of natural methods? So here's an easy one that can give you a positive outlook during winter: laughing.

We're serious! It's no laughing matter. Every day and especially in stressful situations, smiling is an excellent way to relax. It makes sense, right?

An American study conducted by Sarah Pressman, a researcher at the University of Kansas, concluded as much. Scientists observed that people who were instructed to smile had a lower level of stress than people who kept a neutral expression.

Here's more good news: they also observed that laughing is beneficial for heart health. And that's something to smile about all the time!

Bulk up your meals

Finally, if you want to keep training during winter, you need to keep your muscles healthy! While our eating habits change with the seasons, protein is still essential to an athletic diet.

Why? Because when you take in less than you need, your body draws from its own reserves. Your muscle mass will melt away.

Our tips can keep your body running like a well-oiled machine this winter:

Diversify your meals and eat at least two portions of protein from different sources every day (animal or vegetable).

Keep your muscles strong by eating eggs, white meat (turkey or chicken breast), fish (salmon, mackerel or tuna), dried beans (chickpeas, haricot or kidney beans, lentils).

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