A Practical Guide to Gentle Yoga

A Practical Guide to Gentle Yoga

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." - Wayne Dyer

Gentle Yoga, often referred to as soft yoga, is best for anyone who is looking to practice a soft, relaxing flow that highlights stretching and breathing. Let’s take a deeper look into the various forms of gentle yoga:


Restorative yoga hones in on the relaxation of the mind and the release of any tension in the muscles. This type of practice focuses on 4-5 main poses, generally more simple versions of asana poses, that focus on the twisting of the body to release any tension throughout. In this practice, yogis use bolsters and blankets to seep into a deep relaxation.

Best for: Stiffness or soreness after an intensive workout. Restorative yoga helps stabilize the mind and body through relaxing any and all tension throughout the body.


Yin Yoga helps balance one’s mind and body by providing a quiet practice that focuses on meditation and patience. While balancing out the yang yoga (typically dynamic practices), yin allows you to concentrate on the gravitational force of poses -- basically, you let gravity do all the work. These poses are longer in duration, meaning patience is key to allow for complete meditation.

Best for: A stressful day. Yin yoga helps release not only tension in the muscles, but also tension in the mind. This practice softens the body, but is also an amazing way to release any toxins or stress from the mind.  


This practice is for a more specific crowd: soon-to-be mothers who wish to keep their body strong and their mind at ease during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga hones in on poses that help maintain or increase an expectant mother’s flexibility and strength.

Best for: Individuals who are expecting a child in the near future. Prenatal yoga helps these soon-to-be mothers practice proper breathing patterns that ultimately reduces any stress that accompanies pregnancy, as well as enhance their strength and flexibility.

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